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Extreme measures to protect your online business from life’s eventualities

When we create a business, a factor that always “occupies us” is its security, of course, if it is a physical business, security in this case may be due to possible theft, fire or some other type of loss, but when we talk about an online business, I can assure you that the security measures we need to implement are no less, even any precaution to avoid unrecoverable losses is welcome.

In this article I want to talk to you about some measures that we need to take to avoid serious problems in the future, for example that you lose certain important information, your blog is attacked by malicious hackers, or that you have a problem with its plugins, you cannot access your PC for some reason, the files get deleted, etc, etc.protect-your-business-online

Here you can add many cases, I am sure that if you have been online for a long time you know perfectly what I am talking about, well, let’s start then …

Extreme measures to protect your business website

Among some of the measures that we have to take refer to protecting our blog, I can assure you that in my case I have had to configure my blog several times for reasons such as hacker attacks, plugins that have stopped working, etc.

Security measures for blogs

Backup of your blog (WordPress Backup) – Always having a copy of your wordpress blog at hand is already basic, unfortunately I have had to use them more than once to bring my blog back to life, since I have had problems such as hacker attacks, misconfigurations, problems with the themes, etc.

This plugins is really practical since it allows you to create backup of your entire blog, sections or only parts of it, you can even program it so that I send said backup to your main mailbox and following the days or periods that you determine .

Personally I have it configured to receive a copy of my blogs once a week at least.

Security measures against hackers (plugins limit-login-attempts ) – Many times when malicious people want to enter our blog and do not know the password, they make several attempts until they find it, there is the limit login attempts plugins, which prevents unauthorized access attempts and blocks the IP address that tries to access erroneously more than the amount you set.

Medited against Spam (Akismet) – We all like to receive comments about our work, but what we want to avoid at all costs is the comment made by software that implants unwanted pages or viruses or fraudulent programs, I am sure that if you run a blog you have already had some of these situations. My recommendation is that you use the Akismet plugins, it is one of the best for your WordPress blog.

Detect and fix viruses on your blog (Wp Antivirus) – This plugins is a complement for the security of our blog, it prevents, detects and eliminates malicious viruses or suspicious codes. For example, it detects and removes Trojans, spyware, hidden redirects, etc. Highly recommended for the security of your blog.

Ddocuments or information that it is preferable that you have it online so that you can access it from anywhere or from any PC, some that you need are:

Online Document Creation- Google Docs We are even more used to those of the old school, I include myself, to making all kinds of forms, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, etc. on our desktop from an external program, for example from office or other similar ones.

But currently there are very good options online that have nothing to envy their predecessors, they even have the advantage of online (being able to access it from anywhere).

Currently one of the best options that I have started to use is Google Docs, this platform with the security that we all know allows us to create professional presentations, forms, spreadsheets, notes, etc; from my point of view highly recommended.

Cloud storage, Google drive One of the wonders of this century is surely the possibility of accessing our work from anywhere, which I can assure you that when we want to react we already have several gigabytes, so the space we need is increasing, a good option is to have everything organized at our fingertips, again Google shakes hands, this time with Google Drive, with the capacity that we need and to store all kinds of files, really highly recommended since it is something that I have also used for a long time.

I think I have covered the most important, there are thousands of other measures, but I focused on:

1- Accessibility from anywhere and from any PC.

2- Safety and reliability of our work.

3- Possibility of restoration for example of a web page or a blog.

I hope this information is of interest to you, we invest a lot of time in our work day after day, so we cannot allow them to disappear in a jiffy, there are very good online tools that we can use, which does not mean that we leave all our files “online only”, it is also advisable to use an external disk to backcup all our work and deposit it somewhere safe.

I invite you to tell us about your experiences or tools that you use for the safety of your work, I also invite you to share this information as it may be useful to other people as well.