Everything you need to know about an affidavit of support

You know what is an affidavit? It would be simple to answer that it is a legal instrument, but what it means specifically, what it is for, when you need it, who should you request it from, and everything about it you will know below, therefore it is convenient for you to continue reading …

What is an affidavit: when is it used

  1. What is an affidavit In principle, do you already know that it is a legal instrument that is very common? and that when you are faced with a lawsuit, your lawyer can request it so that it can function as evidence to attach in your legal case.
  2. However a affidavit It can also be useful for your voter card and even when you need to do a name change.
  3. In fact it is a written document that functions as a declaration of the declarant’s own will, a real declaration with very few requirements.
  4. Well, an affidavit usually requires the name of the declarant, if you are you, you must sign your signature and indicate your physical address.
  5. The content of the affidavit is based on the statement that everything related is real from the experience or observation.
  6. Because it is a voluntary declaration, no one can require you to sign an affidavit if you do not want to.
  7. In fact, if you agree to sign, you will be indicating that all the content of the affidavit is real and you sign under oath, which you must do before a public official authorized to take oaths.
  8. If you lie in the affidavit you may find yourself facing a perjury lawsuit and by lying under oath you will face a sentence.
  9. For this reason you must be able to understand the content of the affidavit because you will sign under oath and you must also be aware of the consequences you will have for breaking the law under oath.

What is an affidavit and what are they for?

  1. The affidavit is useful when it is necessary to gather evidence when you establish a claim or file a legal declaration.
  2. But if you need to make a name change or want to register to vote, you also need an affidavit.
  3. In the event that the affidavit is used to present it in a lawsuit, you must prepare for the testimony in the same lawsuit indicating that all the content of the affidavit is real and is not a rumor.
  4. As you may also need an affidavit due to real estate, in this case there is the possibility that you use a pre-printed document and complete it by signing it before a notary public to execute it legally.

What is a medical affidavit?

Since an affidavit is an affidavit you can follow this example as a medical affidavit:

I (full name and surname) hereby certify the following: the (full name and surname), the plaintiff (plaintiff’s full name and surname), was under my treatment and care due to (the conditions, injuries and all health problem that is real and verifiable)

Through analysis or examinations of the medical professional (name of medical professional and specialty) determined that the patient had problems of (the problems that the patient had or does not have is indicated.

The charges for my medical care were (insert charges for medical care), that in my opinion, all medical services were necessary as charges for services have been reasonable and fair.

According to the medical history granted by (first and last names of who provided the medical history), my education and medical records such as professional training together with my experience, indicate with consistency and medical certainty that the condition or injury for which it was provided Previously recorded medical care was due to the incident or accident (describe the full cause)

Medical records are attached as a real and complete copy of the same related to the referring treatment.

On the left: Done month), day of (year)

One line under the date and so to the right: Doctor, MD and signature

Under Subscribed and sworn this the (month), day of (year)

One line below and to the left: NOTARY PUBLIC and the signature

Bottom right: My commission expires (the date)

What is an affidavit of fact

  1. An affidfavit or fact can be used by a proxy for a physical witness. It is an affidavit to be used in court as sworn testimony such as in a citizenship case, as witness testimony, to release liability or as proof of services.
  2. It is a legal document that works as an oath of fact and therefore is evidence that is presented in a court of law.
  3. A notarized affidavit is an affidavit ready to be filed as an affidavit.

What is an immigration sponsor

An immigration sponsor is a sponsor, it can be a permanent resident or citizen requesting the papers for a relative depending on which you can contain the green card.

The sponsor acquires obligations, for example:

  1. You are accountable to the government for the sponsored person.
  2. It is responsible for the sponsored person who obtained the green card.
  3. If the sponsor acquires a public benefit from the federal government and does not pay, it is the sponsor who must pay its cost and if he does not do so, he may face a lawsuit in court.
  4. The sponsored person can demand his support from the sponsor and if he does not comply, he can sue.
  5. The sponsor acquires these obligations because when he started the process to sponsor he signed an affidavit of support, the maintenance declaration.
  6. The I-864, affidavit of support is the essential document, since by not signing it it is impossible to continue with the process because it is a contract established between the sponsor and the government.
  7. If the sponsor makes a contract with the sponsored person, it is invalid, it is void, since the sponsor must answer to the government for all public expenses that the immigrant acquires for the benefits that he may acquire.
  8. All these obligations are acquired by the sponsor until the sponsored person can become a United States citizen through the naturalization process or at least until he can obtain 40 quoted credits, that is to say that he remains with a job for 10 continuous years.

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