Entrepreneurship urgently, when it is not preferable for you to become an online entrepreneur

Many times it has been heard that online businesses are for all people who want to do it, even at the beginning of my career I supported this motion, however after a long time of being involved in various online business models I can tell you that my opinion has changed considerably.

Now I think that online businesses are for people who are willing to give what it takes to be successful, those who do not want to get involved to the bone may be better to continue in their jobs until they can change their mind, however the Not wanting to get involved is not the only attitude that I consider “negative” for you to consider starting an online business.

In this article I want to talk to you about some attitudes that if they are present in your life, it is preferable that: either you think better of it or continue in your current job; It is true that nobody has the last word and each person is unique, therefore I invite you to ask yourself if you want to start your online business if some of these attitudes are in your life, and if so, work on them first to that later later they do not leave you halfway.

Attitudes that I do not recommend having in your life if you want to become an online entrepreneur

I thought a lot before writing this article since the articles that we generally read are about the qualities necessary to undertake and not about what it is not convenient for us to have in our lives to do it. Possibly some of them are familiar to you since many times we start thinking that way but fortunately along the way we have the courage and perseverance to change our mind and continue on the path we choose.


– When you expect quick results, have at the end of the month what you earn in a “normal” job

This way of thinking is possibly the most damaging or damaging, since every business is a process, a transformation, so it takes time to solidify and start generating constant income.

There is hardly a business where you start and at the end of the month you already generate enough to dedicate yourself 100% to it, but if there is something I can tell you, it is that most of the time the rewards are well worth the effort.

– When you are thinking that you are going to get everything for free

A business involves the use of resources, these can be tools, time and training. All this also has an economic cost, it is true that we can start with very little, but when we want to start moving forward we will really have to invest in order to see greater and better results.

– If you lack perseverance, discipline and commitment to yourself

All achievement is the result of work, discipline, perseverance and preparation, without these qualities we will not be able to have anything of value in our lives. Getting started is relatively easy, the theme is to stay on track using whatever it takes to move forward and grow towards something that we determine as our goal or purpose.

Along the way we will find achievements for which they will congratulate us, but there will be others that will not come to fruition, other projects that will never see the light of day but are also part of the process; The important thing here is not to lose confidence in ourselves and continue working for our vision.

– If you consider that it is not necessary to face or interact with other people

Nobody is successful on an island, today it is more important than ever to be able to interact with other people, expose ourselves, that they know us, that people know what you do, what you can do for them.

You can start an online business on your own, but soon you will have to join other people to learn, create alliances, share experiences, etc.

The phrase “if we walk alone we get there earlier, but accompanied we go further” or something similar …

– If you think that opportunities are going to look for you and you don’t have to be the one who builds them

Taking responsibility for making things happen is possibly the outstanding characteristic of every successful entrepreneur, if we sit and wait for clients to look for us, we are lost. Being pro-active is more than necessary, creating proposals, launching projects, looking for new ideas, discarding others are daily actions of a successful entrepreneur.

If you think they are not necessarys in life putI know goals or go after your dreams and projects

This point is the engine of your business, of everything you do, what will sustain you when the results take longer than expected. Here it is vital to know why we do what we do, you need to know it, you want to improve your economy, your health, have more time for yourself and your family, to be able to travel more often, etc, etc.

It is important to work towards a goal, actions following a plan, a project, otherwise the results will not be maintained. You will be surprised to know how many young people say they live from day to day; That is perfect, enjoying the day to day, but you should also think about building a platform for your future, because it will come and if it finds you unprepared you will regret not having thought about it before.

I think I have summarized the most important qualities that we should review if we want to start an online business, the important thing is always to be able to become aware of what we think, because in this way we can work on it and reverse it if necessary. Becoming an online entrepreneur is a challenge, this is not a competition, but some people are more prepared than others, so once you are in the race you will depend 100% on yourself, if you grow or want to take another course later.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people who may find it useful.

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