Email – are you going after customers or are they looking for you?

We have already heard a lot about the importance of email, of working with a subscriber list and that our mailing list is and will continue to be the most important asset of your business, and I am not talking about just an online business, a physical business itself. does not have a recurring customer base is destined to disappear in no time.

We have also heard the phrase “mail has died, social networks have replaced it”, in my view this is absurd, moreover, social media reaffirms the need to work with mailing lists for the simple reason that it does not We can register and be part of a social network if we do not have an email account in one of the three most common companies, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo

Email- How to apply it with clients or visitors?

Email has become the fundamental piece to achieve four actions that I consider fundamental that every business or entrepreneur needs to take their business to success:

– IDENTIFICATION OF VISITORS TO YOUR WEB OR LOCAL BUSINESS- When our business is on the web it is very common to be found by people who are looking for information or products related to what we are offering on the internet, the problem is that not only we are offering these services and our visitors probably visit hundreds of the same sites or similar to ours.

The chances of a visitor returning or remembering our website is almost zero, unless we develop different techniques or offer some resources to change this, this resource or tool is email, we need to offer the possibility that each visitor When you enter our site, you can leave us your name and email at a minimum.

For this we will use different techniques or resources, for example your data in exchange for some gift or ethical bribe, as some call it, which is nothing more than something that they consider of value in exchange for leaving us their data, (which is high value for us too, don’t you think?)

– FLUID AND DIRECT COMMUNICATION- Once we have your data in an email base we can begin to create a relationship with our visitors, they will have the opportunity to learn about our work, products or services, how it can benefit them and what is more important, they will be able to receive valuable information for their lives.

Maintaining fluid communication with our list will allow us over time to create TRUST AND CREDIBILITY, two states that are key to the success of any business or in the creation of the PERSONAL BRAND of an online entrepreneur.

– CONSTRUCTION OF AUDIENCE- Another advantage of working with email lists is that we are creating an audience for our business, both physical or offline, for example each time we write an article, each new product that enters our store or each service that we attach to them. that we already lend, they are the first to find out about the benefits that this entails for them and for us.

– BE IN THE MIND OF THE SUBSCRIBERS OR CUSTOMERS- At the beginning I told you that there are thousands of sites or businesses the same or similar to ours, working with mailing lists gives us the possibility of creating our presence and being or being part of the lives of our visitors or clients, by making regular contacts with them. Through this tool we become in their minds or become a reference in what we do or in the service we provide, which today constitutes a great achievement for your business.

A famous phrase also tells us that “the money is in the list” referring to the fact that the bigger the list, the greater the possibilities of obtaining large profits, the reality is that if it is true that the money is in the list, but not in the number of people that your email list has, the reality is that the money is in THE RELATIONSHIP YOU BUILD WITH YOUR LIST, regardless of the size of this list, you can have a list of 100 people and this list be much more faithful than a list of 10,000 people, who do not read or answer your emails.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to be part of my email list, subscribing to some of the forms that you will find on the blog, I would also like to know your opinion, you can leave your comments on the blog and share this information with people to whom it may be useful.

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