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Effective and reliable sales types

Did you know that it costs five times more to get a new client than to keep a client we already have?

This should make you understand the value of building a relationship with your customers and turning them into repeat buyers as well as people who speak well of your products and services, and therefore of the company.

The word of mouth is still one of the best sales techniques that we have available, and therefore we must focus our efforts in this regard. If someone tells a friend how good the product they recently bought is, it is very likely that that friend will buy it from you. The relationships that are formed in sales are about creating something like friendship and a relationship based on the needs of the other person.

Once you have built these relationships, shown that you care, and earned the trust of the potential client, you are well on your way to being a client for a long time. Knowing their needs and finding their secret concerns (for example, a problem they have that your product or service could solve) can help you find a way to help them and build an even better relationship. With a good relationship established, sales details are fluid. These same details become obstacles if there is no good relationship.

As a customerSome of the best experiences with sales people surely were with people who honestly listened to your needs, and showed interest in what you had to say. The truth is that most people react badly to a pushy and aggressive sales technique. In a relationship-based type of sales, this high pressure to sell is not part of the strategy, simply because it does not make sense to do so. They already know how the product or service works and that is the best guarantee you have.

Something that we must always maintain is regular contact with the client. If you have gained trust with a client and lose contact for a certain time, this client could switch to the competence. Therefore, we must not only focus on building this good relationship, but maintain regular contact and keep communication channels open. This can be done using various contact methods for any type of emergency need. To keep in touch, technology is in our favor. Today, we have cell phones, email, video conferencing, and many other forms of communication. This makes it easier to be in constant contact with customers.