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EBT Louisiana Payment Schedule – Louisiana Food Stamp Payment Dates

When approved by Louisiana Snap Benefits, You have been issued a Louisiana purchase card. Each month, your Louisiana Purchase Card or a Louisiana EBT card will be topped up with the amount approved during your stay Louisiana food stamps application.

It is very important that you know this EBT Louisiana payment scheduleThis will help you organize and plan your grocery brand purchases at stores that accept EBT cards or are authorized SNAP dealers.

EBT Louisiana payment schedule

On this page we have provided detailed information and also the Food stamp payment date in Louisiana and how each month determines when you will receive your refill. To find out when you will get your next SNAP payment, please read this article for the information Grocery stamp payment plan in Louisiana.

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Louisiana Food Stamp Payment Dates

Every month, between the 1st and 14th day of the month, the benefits of the Louisiana Food Stamp are made available to all beneficiaries. However, this is based on the last digit of the customer’s social security number.

Last digit of the customer’s SSN Benefits available
0 Available on 5th of month
1 Available on 6th of month
2 Available on 7th of month
3 Available on 8th of month
4th Available on 9th of month
5 Available on 10th of month
6th Available on 11th of month
7th Available on 12th of month
8th Available on 13th of month
9 Available on 14th of month
Elderly and disabled people Available between the 1st and 4th of the month

I didn’t get any benefits on my Louisiana SNAP payment or grocery stamps this month

Basis on the monthly EBT Louisiana payment scheduleIf you didn’t get your Louisiana grocery stamps on your Louisiana grocery card for this month, you will need to contact them Louisiana Department of Child and Family Serviceswho are responsible for the SNAP program.

You can also call the phone number on the back of your EBT card to find out the current status. In the meantime, you can find the contact phone number on the Louisiana EBT card balance.

You can use the EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) system Louisiana purchase card is filled with money. This allows you to buy groceries from stores that accept EBT cards in the US.

Check out our previous article about what groceries can be bought with your Louisiana grocery card. If you have any questions about the Louisiana Food Stamp please use the comments section below.