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EBT login to check the balance of grocery stamps / snap benefits

In this article we have listed them all EBT login website Information that will allow you to access and review your EBT card balance details or information. There are currently only four websites in the United States that administer EBT programs. EBT registration depends on who administers the EBT program for your state.

The money distribution for is managed with the EBT card Grocery Tokens (SNAP Benefits), and the WIC and TANF programs in some states. To find out which of these companies manage your state’s program, read on as we have provided the company that will manage your EBT program.

EBT login

If you access the table below, you will see the EBT login URL for each status. In addition, we also have the EBT phone number next to the credentials. If you have problems signing in, all you have to do is call EBT customer service for your state and they will solve your problem.

Alabama 800-997-8888
Arizona 888-997-9333
Arkansas 800-997-9999
Colorado 888-432-4328
District of Columbia 888-304-9167
Florida 888-356-3281
Guam 866-937-4826
Hawaii 888-328-4292
Idaho 888-432-4328
Kansas 800-997-6666
Kentucky 888-979-9949
Minnesota 888-997-2227
Missouri 800-997-7777
Nebraska 877-247-6328
Nevada 866-281-2443
New Hampshire 888-997-9777
New Mexico 800-843-8303
North Carolina 888-622-7328
North Dakota 800-630-4655
Oregon 888-997-4447
Rhode Island 888-979-9939
South Dakota 800-604-5099
Tennessee 888-997-9444
Texas 800-777-7328
Vermont 800-914-8605
Washington 888-328-9271
Wisconsin 877-415-5164
Wyoming 877-290-9401

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Connecticut 888-328-2666
Delaware 800-526-9099
Georgia 888-421-3281
Indiana 877-768-5098
Iowa 800-359-5802
Louisiana 888-997-1117
Maryland 800-997-2222
Massachusetts 800-997-2555
Michigan 888-678-8914
Mississippi 866-512-5087
New Jersey 800-997-3333
new York 888-328-6399
Ohio 866-386-3071
Oklahoma 888-328-6551
Pennsylvania 888-328-7366
South carolina 800-554-5268
Utah 800-997-4444
Virginia 866-281-2448
Alaska 888-997-8111
Virgin Islands 866-884-2868
West Virginia 866-545-6502

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California 877-328-9677
Illinois 800-678-5465
Maine 800-477-7428
Montana 866-850-1556
Puerto Rico 877-467-4832

For further inquiries about EBT card login If you need more information about the EBT card, just use the comments section below to let us know.