Easy way to apply for a food stamp in Alabama

In Alabama, the Food Assistance Division is responsible for managing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). So can households or low-income people Apply for Food Stamp in Alabama.

The main goal of Nutritional aid program aims to stop hunger and improve diets in Alabama by providing monthly benefits to eligible low-income households. With these benefits, they can buy the foods they need for good health.

Apply for a food stamp in Alabama

Low income families that Apply for the Food Stamp benefit, and also approved of your application, a will be issued EBT cards (Electronic Benefits Transfer). You can buy nutritious foods with the EBT card.

As You can apply for Food Stamp in Alabama

There are many ways to apply for food aid benefits. You can apply for food aid online, or you can apply through MyDHR or MyAlabama.

In order to fill out the application online, you must first register for an account online. Once you have completed your application, it will be sent to the DHR office in the county where you live. However, you can fax, email, or send the signed application to your County DHR office for processing.

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Still, if you have already applied or received it Food aidYou can also sign up for an account with MyDHR or MyAlabama to access your case information, complete your benefit recertification, and manage your benefits, including reporting changes and completing your six month report.

NOTE: This program is only for people and families with low or no income. Citizens and certain qualified foreign non-citizens legally resident in the United States can participate in SNAP.

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