Easy to get credit cards in the United States

If you came to the United States as a student or simply plan to stay for a limited time, you should know the easy to get credit cards.

Well, the United States is a country where its inhabitants always mobilize with a credit card instead of cash, for this reason the need for you to have this information especially when it comes to the immediate response ones that are much easier to obtain, then keep reading and you will know everything you need to know to get your own card and buy what you need in the United States.

How to get easy-to-get credit cards

Then the easy to get credit cards They are necessary for you so that you can pay for your food, buy a phone and many other things you want to buy when you arrive in the United States.

Even if you plan to stay and buy a house you will also need your card, for this reason it is so necessary that you learn how to get your credit card:

  1. As a first step it is essential that you request your social Security number.

However, if you do not have a job and therefore do not have a social security number, some banks can evade this requirement, which is the main one, since social security is a sign of authorization for you to work in the United States. Through this number, the government receives information about your salary and it determines if you are eligible for social security benefits.

If you have an F1, J-1 or M-1 student visa, you can work in the United States and therefore request your social security number.

First of all, you must get a job and then apply for your SSN by completing the application with the SS-5 form and submitting the documents that show your immigration status, authorization to work, your age and then you will submit the application along with the documents at the local office social security.

If you got the job off campus, the department of homeland security must issue you an authorization.

  1. Start by applying only for a credit card by providing your bank with a permanent address, you can also provide that of the school or university. They will require a permanent source of income, a savings account or checking account, because if you have already opened them, your chances of accepting your credit card will increase.
  2. Finally, you just have to hope that they have accepted you.
  3. If you have not been approved, do not worry because it is something common for international students who need a credit card and since they have just arrived they have not been able to build a credit history and neither do they reside in the United States.

Then you can get a secured credit card that has the same advantages as a common credit card but to obtain it you must make a deposit as insurance and limit your credit line and in your credit report it will be reported as a common credit card.

  1. Start building your credit history, since it will serve you for public services and for housing among many other things.

If your secured credit card was approved, remember not to exceed 30% of the established limit and always pay the balance on time.

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What are online credit cards immediate response

The credit cards online immediate response They can be very useful for you since as you know they work in the same way as the traditional ones, for example:

  1. Fingerhut It is a card that issues the Wevbank, you can buy items from brands such as Dewat, KitchenAid Y Samsung among many more. No annual fee, although it is not an access card and easy to request online and quickly approved.
  2. The Opensky Secure Visa you can get it without a credit check. It requires a deposit that is refundable that you will provide and is established as a limit of your credit line, suitable from $ 200. It is an ideal card for you to start building your credit history.
  3. Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Secured allows you to start building your credit history with a deposit of 200 to 500, it has a fixed interest rate of 9.99% on purchases but does not charge you a penalty rate.
  4. Unity Visa is a guaranteed credit card that won’t ask you for a minimum credit score and has an annual fee of $ 39.
  5. The Open Sky Secured Visa card also does not require a credit check and the annual fee is $ 35.

What are the USA credit cards

Between the credit cards usa, the best either for registration bonuses or fees etc. They are:

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred: If during the first three months you make purchases worth $ 4,000, you will receive 50,000 points as a bonus that you can redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards. It is the best for travel exchanges.
  2. Discover it Cash Black: No registration required and all first-year royal purchases equate to unlimited cash.

Every quarter you receive a 5% cash back on your purchases at restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and on Amazon.

  1. Discover Balance Transfer: It works the same as the previous one, evaluating everything you bought during the first year that sum of money is matched to reimburse you in cash without limit.
  2. Citi Simplicity. It does not charge you a penalty fee, no annual or late fees. From the first transfer and 21 days after the same 0% APR on balance transfers, but all must be completed in the first 4 months and then the APR is variable from 16.24 to 26.24 according to credit history.
  3. Capital One Venture Rewards. It is a card that offers rewards on purchases in hotels, registration bonuses and does not charge you commission for transactions abroad.
  4. Wells fargo. It is a card that helps you earn points on your trips. After you have spent $ 300 for the first 3 months you get 30,000 points. No annual fee and no fee for foreign transactions.