Earn money completing surveys of big brands thanks to Toluna

You should already be aware of the business of paid online surveys and of the significant earnings that can be obtained according to those who to date are enjoying this opportunity. However, you will also have found out that not all the options that we find on the web are to be trusted, perhaps the majority being spam that they only use to deceive people by wasting their valuable time.

Let me tell you that it is possible to take advantage of this business model since there are companies that fulfill what they promise and that also enjoy a certain prestige that supports them, such is the case of Toluna, a community where you can earn money for giving your opinion about the products that the world leaders in products and services have put for their entire target audience, which could obviously be you.

We all know that to launch new products and services you need to do a market study, and what better way than by conducting surveys to inspect if there will be a market for these new offers. And you will benefit from that since you can register to answer the ones that seem best to you and suit your profile. These surveys last between 15 and 20 minutes, time that you will be compensated without a doubt.

But before entering the prizes and winnings part, you need to understand why it is considered a whole community, and it is for the simple reason that it resembles a whole social network in the aspect that allows users to Users interact with other members, in this case with the creation of discussion topics or with the so-called “quick votes”. The first option refers to a question or name of a specific topic that you want to be dealt with but at the level of the entire community, and the second option is a closed question where you can get answers from users who have the same interests as you.

Regarding your rewards, you will only get them after completing the company surveys, which will compensate you with points that can be exchanged for interesting prizes or cash. Here, an innovation by Toluna comes in and is called Gifties, which on the web is shown as a virtual prize presenter that could become a reality if you decide to exchange them for your accumulated points. And not to mention the prizes shown ranging from bonsai trees, cool drinks, movie tickets, hotel stay, gift vouchers on iTunes, plane tickets, stuffed animals, etc.

This question and answer community is available for many countries around the world and we hope you can be one of those that are already earning exciting rewards.

Link: Toluna