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E-commerce in Spanish to earn money with the sale of clothes, footwear and accessories

Segundalia, to sell second-hand or unworn products

We recently introduced you to a store with which you can make money selling new or second-hand clothes call Chicfy, and this time we continue with this kind of proposals that we know interest you as well as millions of entrepreneurs around the world, the reason? the large number of consumers willing to pay what is necessary to be able to wear the garments they want as well as to its appropriate accessories, all at a good price even if they have been used by other people.

This business model has no loss, we have already mentioned it to you, and trying to enter it would be a smart decision for you to start in the world of electronic commerce. We know that you may have investigated many platforms that offer you to sell even with just a few clicks, but here again we care so that you do not have to improvise on the road and that way you can play it safe for your profits.

Segundalia is that, an alternative that has many followers who are already selling their clothing, their footwear, their vintage items or their respective accessories regardless of whether they have already been used or are completely new even with the label on.

E-commerce in Spanish to earn money with the sale of clothes
We know of the infinite possibilities that you surely have there that allow you to sell with great comfort, but this platform is not far behind and the plus it has to convince you is that it will take care of the entire logistics process of sales, that is, they will They are responsible for collecting your items from the door of your house for themselves to send them to the homes of buyers, they also take care of taking photos of everything you are going to offer according to gender so that everything is organized with the proper description, price , etc.

It is for all that work that you will be left with a 45% commission and we believe that you will have no discussion about it.

It should be noted that it is a store that only acts as an intermediary and is aimed at the Spanish market. Undoubtedly, more and more we will have this type of business operating in many more nations of the world, since the demand is such that you may have planned to invest in building your own e-commerce portal.