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Discount card in restaurants as a business

How to win more diners for your restaurant with the Bon Appetit Card

We all know that the gastronomic category always gives to talk. Obviously there are plenty of reasons if it is a proposal with which you can eat deliciously, at a good price and in the company of our loved ones or closest acquaintances.

Well this time the business idea has to do with our stomachs and with the art that the tons of restaurants offer all over the world. Although it is true that there are cards to get offers in points or miles for various products, why could not another one oriented to the world of food and delicious delicacies be created?

Restaurant discount card

The model of offers and discounts for diners at an international level

So today’s proposal is the Bon Appetit Card. Its main function is to encourage the consumption of its members or diners in recommended establishments either in their country or internationally. At the same time, it works as a marketing platform where affiliated restaurants promote themselves to get more customers.

What does the Bon Appetit Card offer to differentiate itself?

First of all, we must recognize the effort so that people want to leave their homes in search of something new, it would be something contrary to initiatives such as Comiendoencasa, where one asks for dishes via the Internet.

International reach

As I mentioned before, the unique thing is that people can enjoy special offers and discounts in restaurants in both Spain and France and the United Kingdom. All you have to do is search for an establishment by name, by zip code or by the type of cuisine you want.

Simple work system

After having chosen the ideal place, we proceed to make the proper reservation by phone. Subsequently, the client must indicate the exact date and time of their arrival, in addition to the number of companions, since the benefits also extend to their guests.

At all times of the reservation it would be great to say that you are a member of this service, and before paying you must show your card for the offer or discount to be processed successfully.

Corporate benefits

As you will see, this proposal, in addition to being designed for people and their friends or family, is also focused on a more specific sector such as companies and their workers.

That is, within the year there will always be mandatory celebrations such as Christmas, national holidays, Valentine’s Day, etc., and others within the organizations such as special events or dinners, so that the collaborators of these institutions could also eat well without that this supposes an exorbitant expense. All thanks to a culinary club with exclusive promotions.

Accessible plans for the public

Well, first of all, it would be great to make it clear that this card can be purchased for 365 days a year plans, or for months, depending on the need or taste, you understand.

It is undoubtedly a launch that we should not miss either as fans of international food or as business owners who seek to reward their work team for their good performance.

Obviously each restaurant will have its own rules and restrictions so it would be ideal to inform us before making a reservation to avoid typical account maintenance problems.

Link: Bon Appetit Card