Direct Sales or Multilevel Sales, which company do I join?

As in all kinds of businessBefore starting it is necessary to take the precautions of place and investigate a little about the market and in this case of the company with which we are going to affiliate or associate, it is not a secret that there are companies in the field of Sales Direct and Multilevel with a long time of operations and a lot of reputation, but it is also true that in this area companies tend to appear and disappear very frequently. Direct or Multilevel Sales

Here are some tips to help you decide:

Choose a company that offers products related to you, if you are passionate about the world of beauty you can focus on that segment, if you are familiar with alternative or natural medicines, you have several options to choose from.

Ask all the necessary questions before joining, how long the company has been operating, what products it sells, what are the startup costs (startup fees), what is your average profit margin, what kind of help or services it gives you, promotion, reports, advice, training, its return policies, its reputation in the market, in short, the more information you have the better.

Take your time to investigate and decide, do not let the person who is offering you the opportunity rush you, never sign after a sales presentation, meeting or “party” without thinking about it and making your decision with a cool head.

If possible, consult with other people who are currently in business, not necessarily the person who is recruiting you, and with users or consumers of the products.

Finally you can check if the company is a member of the association of direct sales companies (Direct Sellling Association) you can even call BetterBusiness Bureau or consumer protection offices (Consumer Protection Offices) to find out if there are complaints against the company you are evaluating.

Tips: Be careful with those companies that ask you for a high initial payment as they are generally fraudulent.

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