Developing your Business Plan

Continuity Guidelines for your Business

Business planYou already have a general idea of ​​what this is about starting an internet business after so much article. With this last article we want to finish outlining how you should continue so that all this work can be done fluently.

So if you have:

  1. About 8 free hours a week to dedicate to your business.

  2. Some knowledge in computers.

  3. About 350 euros to invest in tools.

  4. A desire to work hard and stick to plan without being distracted.

And you have read the previous articles, you will have an idea of:

  • Have a proper mindset.

  • Basic selection of an idea in a market niche.

  • Basic ideas of generating traffic and making it grow.

  • A strategy and a method to convert traffic into money.

  • A product of your own to add value to others.

If you manage to do all these steps with discipline, nothing will stop you. You will get to be your own boss.

Anyway, it is normal for you to ask yourself:

Have I selected the correct idea?
Is it worth the time I’m spending?
Maybe my design is not correct?
Am I cut out to start an online business?

These questions will be asked when your website traffic is not as expected. But in the beginning it can always happen that visitors are made to beg.

In one of my websites, the first month only 14 people entered, the second 46 people. But already in the third month, 150 people a day visited our website and in 6 months we got a regular traffic of 500 visits a day. Traffic growth is exponential, if the job is done well, this is how it happens.

An interesting tool to start driving traffic is the use of Google Adwords at the beginning. It will give you an idea of ​​the conversion into money that your traffic can have.

When you see your site grow fast, you will feel motivated. And when you start making money, you will feel even more motivated.


The hardest part is putting up with the pressure when your website hasn’t made any sales yet. You must maintain a strong mental attitude and believe in yourself to continue working on optimizing the business.

This reminds me of a race I participated in when I was 14 years old. It was a 2 hour race and we were 2 friends who took turns riding the bike every certain number of laps. I remember that the first lap was the hardest. Each lap could last almost 10 minutes and I thought, if I’m like this now, I won’t last another lap. But little by little, I adjusted to my rhythm, seeing that I could continue to overtake others encouraged me to continue. In the end I got my rhythm, the doubts were dissipating and I managed to adapt to a rhythm and continue working.

After starting your business through the different steps explained, it is as if you have finished doing the first lap of a long race. So, pick up your pace and keep working because the results will come.

Building the way

In the meantime, we recommend that you follow the formula of developing your business. It is about writing articles, creating videos, giving interesting information to build links to our website.

If you have followed this system and after 6 or 7 weeks you have not achieved more or less significant traffic, then you are doing something on your website that is poorly considered by search engines. There are certain practices that should be avoided and they are.

1) Make sure you follow the proper practices outlined in correct practices.

2) Check if your site is well indexed using some Tools.

3) Make sure you have links to your site.

The basic formula for growth is simple:

1) Develop more content with various keywords that people use.

2) Develop more content that can be turned into sales, such as information product and studies about something.

3) Test. A change in a title in one of our sales letters improved visits by 70%. So don’t be afraid to change and test the market. Improve the sales letters of your products with content more adjusted to what your customers need, add testimonials and general confidence. If the conversion ratio is 2%, only getting 4% will have doubled your earnings.

Through these articles, you have the idea to start the business that you want. The only thing missing is more specific information on what tools to use and how to approach the idea in your business. But we hope that you have not been indifferent to all these possibilities that the internet offers you.

To start implementing your business plan using strategies, I leave you the step-by-step articles to set up your own internet business:


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