Cosmetology Licenses and Permits in Florida and the United States

If you want to get a Cosmetology license in the United States because you want to practice your profession in Florida, and you have already obtained it from another state like New York, New Yersey or California you can be chosen by endorsement.

However, that eligibility and the measures you must take will depend on the requirements of the state from which you received it.

How to Receive a Cosmetology License

To receive a Cosmetology license from Florida As an applicant, you must have completed 1200 hours of school in addition to having passed an exam that corresponds to the license you are applying for.

If you meet these requirements, you will not have to take the Florida Cosmetology exam. In fact, if the state in which you obtained your license has the same or more intense requirements than Florida, you may be eligible to receive your license by endorsement without passing another exam, even if you have taken the classes abroad.

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Active license and approval license to work as a cosmetologist

Active license: If you currently have an active and current license from out of state that requires 1000 hours of schooling, you can attend a cosmetology school inside or outside of Florida USA to take the additional 200 hours of education in order to qualify for the endorsement.

You can also waive the additional 200 hours of education and take the Florida cosmetology exam, but it is an option that requires you to have held the license for at least one year.

Exam failure: If you fail the exam twice, you must take 40 hours of make-up before you can take the exam again.

If you fail the exam 3 times, you must take 80 recovery hours before taking the exam again.

You will even have to complete the 4-hour approval license on HIV / AIDS, the requirements of which can be found on the website of

Approval license: To apply for the approval license you must go to the Florida Board of Cosmetology Application Center (

Keep in mind that if your cosmetology license is not from the United States, you will not be eligible to receive your license by endorsement, as you will have to apply by examination and even learning and education licenses are not eligible by endorsement.

Class hours to obtain the Cosmetology License

To graduate as a nail specialist you will need to have completed 240 hours of class.

You must also take 260 class hours to graduate as a facial specialist.

As a full specialist you must have completed 500 hours of class.

If you want a license as a specialist in permanent artistic makeup, you must also take a course of illness in addition to 3 hours.

While the esthetician license requires 260 hours.

The hair braiding specialist license requires you to take 16 hours of classes two days a week.

However to become a licensed cosmetologist you must attend a cosmetology school in Florida and successfully complete a minimum of 1,200 hours of education.

Exam request: After completing the number of educational hours, you must take a cosmetology exam and pass it.

You must submit the application to the department along with the corresponding fees. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a written notification from the exam provider to schedule the date and time.

After you have successfully taken the exam, you will be awarded a cosmetology license.

Cosmetology specialties that require licenses

Nail Specialty: If you want to become a registered nail specialist, you must enroll in this specialty in the state of Florida and complete the program offered by the school with a minimum of 240 hours of education.

Once you have successfully completed the 240 hours and taken the exam, you can request the registration of the nail specialty in the department with the fees that apply and once the application is approved, the nail specialist registration will be issued.

In conclusion before starting to work as cosmetology professional licensed in the state of Florida, you must meet certain requirements according to the career you have chosen.

Well, each beauty career has its requirements that have to do with the amount of hours of corresponding education.

To obtain the license you must attend an accredited school and at the end of the training you must take the exam through the Board of Cosmetology.

The Florida Board of Cosmetology allows you to get in touch for information and also offers you the possibility of taking the exams in Spanish.

License renewal: Depending on when you obtain your license, you can renew it before October 31 of even-numbered years or before October 31 of odd-numbered years. Renewal fees vary from $ 30 to $ 55 depending on the specialty.

Additionally, Florida requires 16 hours of continuing cosmetology education during each two-year renewal period.

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