Cosmetology exam in Spanish

Most of the states of USA require you to pass a cosmetology exam If you want to work as a cosmetologist, then you are about to read the requirements in Florida, California, New York Y Texas.

The California Cosmetology Exam

You should know that the cosmetology exam in California it is regulated by the California Board of Cosmetology and is the one that issues licenses to the different subsectors of cosmetology.

To do this, you must take a written exam that consists of 100 questions in two hours and you will have passed the exam if you answered at least 70% of the questions correctly.

After having passed the written exam, you must take a practical exam so that you can show that you have acquired skills and know how to put them into practice and at the same time you can apply your knowledge about hygiene procedures.

Since this is a practical test, as an applicant, you should bring your own model so that you can practice.

You need to have graduation from a cosmetology school that is approved by the California Board or another non-California school, but that ensures you meet the training requirements.

The exam. The exam for cosmetologists consists of a training of 1600 hours. In the case of the written exam, scientific fundamentals, infection control, physiology and chemistry are incorporated with the basic concepts.

In turn, as an applicant, you should know about hair care, scalp and properties, how the hair is prepared for a treatment, what the process of that preparation, the wigs, the design of the hair and the extensions.

You must also show that you know about the structure of the nails, their growth and manicure techniques and tools including pedicure are also put to the test.

Requirements to apply:

You must be 16 or have a high school diploma.

You will complete the exam parts in two years from the first time you tried to pass one of the parts of the exam.

It may be that in two years you have not been able to pass either of the two parts, then you will have to take both parts again.

In the event that you have not passed any of the parts of the exam in two years in the first attempt, you have the right to request a re-examination, because perhaps from the verification of the school you may require corrective hours.

You can take the bachelor’s exam in Spanish, but you will request it when you schedule the exam.


To obtain the graduate certification, along with your application you will submit a form and pay the corresponding fee. In the event that you apply online, you can pay the fee with an electronic check or with a credit card.

In the event that you send the application by mail, you must include a check made out to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

However, it is difficult to take the exam in Spanish in another state because there is not always reciprocity, except New York, where you can obtain your credential as a licensed cosmetologist in one state with the assurance that you will not need to take the exam in English.

Cosmetology exam New York:

The cosmetology exam in New York covers everything that has to do with the health of the hair, scalp, face and the use of mechanical and manual equipment, as well as the use of antiseptics, clays, oils, powders, tonics, lotions, colorants, reactive chemicals, preparations to modify the structure of the hair and knowledge of the Law of Better Appearance.


If you are 17 years old, you can apply for a license at and will be eligible for a temporary license.

To do this, you will take a course with 1000 hours of study and you will pass a written exam and a practical exam and you will obtain a license to be able to work in the state of New York.

After they review and accept your application, they will send you the information explaining the details of the exam process.

If you were educated outside of New York State, you may be eligible for a temporary license and the State Department will waive the New York schooling requirement, if you document a school equivalency in another country or state, then you will submit these documents:

The school certificate and the school transcript with the topics and hours you have finished.

Once your application has been reviewed and accepted, you must pass the written and practical exams that correspond to the State of New York and you will obtain the license in this state and in turn you will receive information about the process and details of the exam.

In the event that you have 5 years experience outside of New York in a job that is similar to cosmetology, you have the right to apply for a state license by presenting documents that support your education and experience.

To demonstrate your experience, feel free to present:

  1. The original certification issued by the licensing agency.
  2. Two certificates where your experience of 5 years can be verified, issued by your employer, clients or colleagues, including the dates with month and year of service, the city, the state, the specification of the services and the name of the entity where you worked ,
  3. A copy of the tax return stating that you were a cosmetologist.

FOutside the United States:

If you acquired your experience outside the United States, you must present:

  1. An official certification from the licensing agency in your home country or a certification from the Consulate if a license is not required in your country.
  2. A letter from your employer stating that you worked with the date, location of the company, name and the services you offered.
  3. A letter from your client or coworkers stating the dates of the services you provided, the services you provided, and the location.
  4. A copy of the passport, stating that you are a cosmetologist by occupation, a driver’s license and a cosmetologist ID with a photo.
  5. A copy of the study plan, diploma or certificate of studies that you have completed in your country.
  6. A copy of the tax return stating that the cosmetology is your occupation.

You’ll earn your New York State cosmetology license once your application is reviewed and accepted, without the need for an exam or additional education.

If you have a cosmetology license from another jurisdiction, you can obtain a New York license by reciprocity or endorsement. In you can find out if you qualify to obtain your license by reciprocity or endorsement.

The Cosmetology Exam in Florida and Texas


To obtain the license in Florida after taking the exam you must be at least 16 years old and complete the 1200 hours indicated by the cosmetology program, requesting the license by exam.


The cosmetology exam It is offered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation on a day that you will schedule as an applicant and you will receive a postcard with the eligibility requirements and instructions for scheduling the exam with all your details.