Construction jobs that pay high wages

The construction industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities, for the less and highly qualified. Even in the face of a tough economy, there are several rapidly growing construction jobs. If you take salary, job prospects, stress level or career growth opportunities into consideration, there are several jobs in this industry for you to work

Highest Paying Construction Jobs

Below are five jobs that are among the highest paying in the construction industry.

Senior Project Manager

He is the project manager who is ultimately responsible for the completion of a construction project. From start to finish, the entire project is closely supervised by the project manager. The most important functions of these professionals are to develop the entire plan for the proper use of resources, contracting with subcontractors to ensure the success of a construction project. That is why the job title of a project manager is one of the highest paying in the construction industry.

The average annual salary for a project manager is around $ 108,400. There are opportunities to earn even more.

Construction manager

If you are considering taking a high paying job in the construction industry, you can also choose to work as a construction manager. Although the two job titles (project manager and construction manager) may seem similar, they are actually different. A construction manager is actually the one who deals with a wide range of construction projects.

Whether it is a commercial, residential, industrial or project product, the construction manager is responsible for hiring subcontractors, planning the work schedule each day, and completing the work within the planned budget and schedule. On average, a construction manager earns an annual salary of around $ 100,400.


The job of a construction or site supervisor is also a highly paid one. As the job title suggests, they are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day work on the construction site. Maintaining the quality and safety of work on site is the primary function of the site manager. In simple words, a construction supervisor is actually a low-level construction manager. Although the median annual salary for these professionals is around $ 65,400, they can be earned in excess of $ 100,000 with additional employment benefits.


One of the most sought-after jobs in the construction industry is that of an architect. While working as an architect, you are required to create the design of new or existing buildings. One of the biggest challenges for an architect is ensuring that their designs are fully in tune with the client’s needs. An experienced architect has to come up with building designs that are not only functional and economical, but environmentally safe as well.

The average annual salary for an architect is around $ 78,500, but can earn up to $ 110,200 or more.

Civil engineer

The job of a civil engineer is also one of the high paying construction jobs. These professionals are responsible for project planning by examining survey reports, maps, drawings, etc. Civil engineers work closely with clients and architects to discuss the vital details of a project. The median salary is $ 82,500 per year. Many civil engineers earn as much as $ 120,500 a year.

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