Check Online Balance of Banco de Venezuela

The Bank of Venezuela updated its website offering its customers new options to make transactions and experience on the site easier.

It offers you online banking services so that you can carry out your financial operations easily and safely from your office or home every day of the year and at any time.

For example, it offers you the [email protected] personal, to process the code to withdraw money from the ATM, the payment code, the personal telephone code and the mobile code.

The [email protected] personal: it is an online banking service aimed at individuals to carry out banking operations easily and reliably from anywhere in the world.

It is aimed at natural persons who are clients of the Banco de Venezuela, you can carry out these banking operations:

  1. Inquiries about your account balance.
  2. Queries about your credit card.
  3. Request currencies.
  4. Consult credits such as Crediauto, Credinomina and Credihipotecario among other operations.
  5. Register your credit card or that of another person to make a transfer or payment within the bank of Venezuela or other banks.
  6. Register accounts.
  7. Make transfers to your own account or to third party accounts, in foreign currency and also to other banks.
  8. Schedule transfers and credit card payments to keep up with your payments.
  9. Pay for certain services such as COPOELEC, Digitel, Movistar, Movilnet and Cantv.
  10. Obtain the benefits such as financing your credit card, such as Credicash and Efectivo Clave among other financing that you can acquire online.
  11. Pay ISLR, Income Tax.
  12. Change your debit card password.
  13. Request, activate and block your checkbook.
  14. Request, activate and block the card [email protected]
  15. Configure your security by changing the time for your password to expire or change the secret question settings [email protected]

Central bank of Venezuela

The Central Bank of Venezuela is an entity with the economic authority necessary to maintain monetary stability and prices in Venezuela and also fulfills its function by issuing the national and legal currency in progress in the country.

It functions as a legal and autonomous person under public law to formulate and exercise policies within its competence regardless of government policies.

Since 2007, the Central Bank of Venezuela introduced a new legal tender called Bolívar Fuerte that replaced the previous one called Bolívar, which since January 1, 2012 was out of legal circulation.

However, in 2018 the monetary reconversion was announced with the objective of removing 3 zeros to facilitate accounting records, transactions and computations, therefore after this announcement it obtained a new denomination: the Sovereign Bolívar or Bs.

Bank of venezuela online

In the Bank of venezuela online You can carry out many transactions that make your daily life easier, for example in addition to the benefits of the [email protected] personal, offers you:

Cashier Password: where you can carry out many banking and financial operations in addition to MultiserviciosClave to make cash deposits without having to go to an office in person.

All CajeroClave have a system that allows you to issue digital receipts when you carry out an operation at BDV ATMs with a text message that will be sent to the mobile phone that you associated with the Clavemóvil and then you will know what your available balance is in addition to all the details d the transaction including its number, the date and the time of the transaction.

In this way you will have security in the reliable handling of your account data, preventing other people from accessing them.

You can even have a better organization of your finances well controlled by yourself. Among the operations that you can carry out with a Key Cashier are:

  1. Change your secret password.
  2. Assign your secret key.
  3. Pay your credit card through payments and recharges.
  4. Transfer between your own Banco de Venezuela accounts.
  5. Withdraw cash.
  6. Recharge your Movilnet and Digital mobile phone.
  7. Pay for Movilnet and Cantv services.
  8. Check your credit card balance to have security and control your latest movements.
  9. Check your checking account and your savings account.
  10. You can withdraw up to 10,000 Bs.
  11. You can withdraw money in interbank cash up to 5000 Bs.
  12. You can recharge your mobile phone Digitel and Movilnet up to 150 Bs daily.

13 You can pay Cantv up to 150 Bs daily.

  1. You can transfer between your own accounts of the Banco de Venezuela with the limit of your account balance.
  2. You can pay your own credit card from Banco de Venezuela with the limit of your account balance.
  3. You have a limit of 5000 BS, for cash advance from your credit card.

In this way you benefit because you have access to banking services regardless of where you are in the country, because the presence of the Bank of Venezuela extends to the entire Venezuelan territory.

You also benefit in terms of security because the bank meets the standards demanded by Sideban with cutting-edge technology.

Even as the Bank of Venezuela is connected to the suiche 7B financial platform gives you prestige and innovation by having key multi-services as services with a wide network of ATMs.

Banco de venezuela balance inquiry

Therefore, if you had doubts about the Banco de Venezuela balance inquiry, you realized that there are several ways to make the inquiry.

You can check the balance of your Venezuelan bank account at [email protected], the bank’s tool through which you can perform many more banking operations.

You can also check the balance of your account with CajeroClave, the other freezing that the bank has so that you benefit from several options to keep you up to date with the information of your bank accounts.

Industrial bank of venezuela

The Industrial Bank of Venezuela is a financial institution, specialized in commercial banking. It is based in Caracas, Capital of Venezuela and was created with the objective of promoting the country’s industry that in those years of its creation when this industry needed a boost with loans and financing.

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