Cheapest electric company in Spain

Previously we present the list of electric companies in the United States now, we list the cheapest electric companies in Spain since the electricity sector was liberated. With different offers among the more than 400 marketers, you can take the opportunity to save up to about 200 euros as the difference between those with the highest and lowest cost.

How to know which is the cheapest electric company


Faced with so much offer to choose the cheapest electric company You can ask the CNMC, the national competition commission. You can do it online according to your zip code and the estimate of your consumption.

Regulated rate or free market

The regulated tariff and the free market are the two options you have as a consumer. The PVPC is the regulated tariff set by the government.

Regulated rate

With the regulated tariff, the traders enter the regulated market and sell the energy according to the tariff set by the government.

Free market

In the free market, the rates vary according to what has been agreed with the marketer, therefore the rates can be good or bad. For this reason, the CNMC offers the online comparator so that you can find out the best offer from an updated table.


According to a CNMC report, the reference rate is the cheapest and most common compared to the free market, since you can save 32 euros per year.

Keep in mind that the electrical network is owned by the distributor and the sale is made by the marketer. However, when the market was released in 2009, the distributors created their marketers, giving rise to the transfer of customers, therefore you will receive services from the same company if you did not initiate any procedure.

Gesternova: the cheapest electric company

Gesternova is the cheapest electric company when it comes to low, medium and intensive consumption homes with the Me Cambio offer, a consumption of 1800 kWh and a power of 3.3 KW.

So considering these tips, with 437.44 euros per year you can hire Gesternova to have green energy in your home and without a commitment to stay.

In this sense, if you are interested in having green energy, consider Gesternova, Podo or Alcanzia as cheap, since all three ensure energy that comes 100% from renewable sources. If none of the three companies convince you and you want green energy, you can choose Here Energía, Gana Energía or Holaluz.

If you live in a home with high consumption, Gesternova offers you to pay a fee of 10.33.09 euros per year when contracting a power of 5.5 kW without permanence.

Which is the cheapest electric company in Spain

If you want to know the prices and characteristics of each electric company, so that you can make the comparisons yourself, keep in mind:


When contracting Viesgo you will pay 596.63 per year without any requirement of permanence or additional services.


If you hire Alcanzia, you will pay 618.31 euros per year. Nor does it require permanence or additional services.


When hiring Endesa you will pay 620.74 euros per year. The company does not require permanence or additional services.

Hello, Luz

By hiring HolaLuz, you will pay 626.80 euros per year. It does not require permanence or additional services.

Aduriz Energy

When hiring Aduriz Energía you will pay 642.70 euros per year. This company requires you to stay but has no requirement for additional services.

Which electricity company is cheaper Madrid

Cheapest electricity company in SpainIn Madrid, you can contract electricity through more than 50 companies. The cheapest has to do with your consumption and the power you hire, for example:


When contracting Podo, you will pay a fixed fee without the requirement of permanence at a value per year of 804.84 euros or 67.07 euros per month. If your consumption exceeds the quota, you are not penalized and if you do not reach that consumption, you receive the surplus with 3% interest the following month.

Earn Energy

Gana Energía, has the Gana 10 Online Plus fixed rate, which when contracting it you pay 805.71 euros per year or 67.14 euros per month if you have a typical home and it does not require permanence.

Aura Energy

Aura Energía offers you the 2.0A rate that with 809.52 euros per year and without differentiating the schedule, if you are a typical consumer you pay a monthly fee of 67.46 euros. But it is a company that requires a one-year stay.

Light Sphere

Esfera Luz offers you electricity from photovoltaic plants. You can contract the Smart Light 2.0A rate that does not discriminate the schedule either at a price per year of 820.30 euros or a monthly fee of 68.3 euros. It does not require permanence and you will pay the same price for 12 months.

What electricity company is cheaper

EDP: It offers you a 2% discount regardless of consumption. Maintenance service is not mandatory. It does not require permanence and you can accumulate points to exchange them for energy.

Iberdrola: It offers you a 6% discount for the consumption you make in a year. It does not require maintenance. But the permanence is a requirement of Iberdrola and it discriminates the time slot.

Endesa: Offers a 10% discount on power when you hire online. It does not require maintenance or permanence.

Fenosa: It offers you a 5% discount for one year. It does not require maintenance service but it does require permanence.

Viesgo: Offers 10% discount on power in the first year of the contract. Maintenance service and permanence are mandatory.

Which electricity company is cheaper Endesa or Iberdrola

Making a comparison between the electricity company endesa and iberdrola in terms of knowing which is the cheapest, pay attention to these data to evaluate which is the cheapest for you:


Endesa offers you taifa ONE. It does not require permanence and if after hiring its electrical services you want to change to another marketer, it does not penalize you. If you contract Endesa, you will pay 43.55 euros per month, as you also receive a 12% discount on energy and power.


If you contract electrical services with Iberdrola, you receive a 10% discount on energy. It does not require a commitment to stay, you get some of the additional services for free and you will earn 43.32 euros per month.

Comparison of electricity prices in Spain and Europe

The cheapest electricity company in Spain

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