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Characteristics of potential customers

You always read and hear about potential customersThe important thing is that you must recognize them because it is essential to have an idea of ​​their profile, since they are the only ones that help you grow as a company or business.

What is the profile of potential customers

But specifically how is the profile of the potential customers?

  1. In principle, it is the visitor to your real business or virtual store that has a high chance of becoming a customer regardless of whether the purchase is made immediately or in a short time, as they can leave your store but will surely return because they are interested in your product.
  2. It is the person who is specifically looking for your product, since he is a consumer of the product you offer for sale. They are interested in your product because it is the only one that has the qualities that person needs.
  3. It is potential because even though there is a great possibility that he will buy your product until he has made that purchase effective, he is not yet a potential customer, but he will be because he has a profile prone to need and buy your product.

Characteristics of potential customers

  1. The potential customer can be characterized as a frequent potential customer, because they make their purchases frequently because they are satisfied with what your company offers them, because your products satisfy them and therefore you have the responsibility to take care not only of those customers but also fundamentally the quality of your products, since these are what attract the customer.
  2. It can also be the regular potential customer, because even if they do not make the purchase so often with the frequent potential customer, they buy your product regularly and choose your company and not your competition because they are satisfied with your product, since they make regular purchases and although not are frequent, it is also important to take care of that customer as well as the quality of your product so that it continues to be your potential and regular customer.
  3. It can also be characterized with an occasional potential customer profile, as it will be the person who perhaps walked in front of your real business or browsing the internet found your online store by chance and then occasionally made a purchase. However, this same customer who needed your product and liked it will return to your business, therefore you must strive to provide good service and offer the best for them to return and be satisfied with both the product that you have offered and sold and for the quality of customer service.

Types of clients

1. It can be a potential customer with a high purchase volume, which is easy to identify because it is the one who makes purchases in a greater quantity than most of your potential customers,

  1. It can be a potential customer of general average, when he is satisfied with your attention and with your product, he could become one of high volume of purchase but for this you must investigate his purchasing capacity because he may be very interested in your product but his Economic capacity does not allow it and that is when you can think about offering discounts and offers according to the research you have carried out on these types of customers.
  2. The potential customer with a low purchase volume is one that, although they are satisfied with the product you sell and with your attention, their purchase volume is lower than the average number of customers.
  3. The pleased potential customer is the one who felt satisfied with the product you have sold him and greatly exceeded his expectations, because to this satisfaction you must respond with a personalized offer so that his expectations are exceeded again.
  4. The dissatisfied potential customer is the one who, on the contrary, did not feel that their expectations have been exceeded, that is, they expected much more from your product and your company and therefore next time they will look for the product that your competition sells.
  5. The satisfied potential customer is the one who felt that you offered them a product as they expected to receive, an attention that although it did not exceed their expectations was what they expected, then you can draw their attention by offering promotions and offers that your competition cannot offer them, because it is the type of customer who would trade a product brand if they find a better deal.
  6. The potential customer can be differentiated by being a high volume of purchases, an average volume of purchases or a low volume of purchases.
  7. The high-volume purchase lead is defined as a high-volume buyer of the product you sell.
  8. The average volume customer is the one who does not buy a large quantity of your product and yet represents a good income.

The customer with a low purchase volume is one who does not buy a large volume of the product, in any case it represents sustainability for the company.

Therefore, a potential customer is the one who is not currently making purchases of your product, but who can view it as a future customer, because in addition to being willing to buy it, they have the purchasing power to do so.

Given their satisfaction with your product, they are the type of client that increases your sales and leads to the growth of your company, whether in the short, medium or long term, it means a good source of income.

Identifying its characteristics helps you to plan and implement actions in order to keep current customers and convert potential customers into current ones.

Although this will require the implementation of different resources, it is essential to lead the company to success, especially when it comes to a very competitive market.

Potential and actual clients

Real customers are the ones who are attracted to your product, they trust you and only look for your product and would not be able to look for it in another supplier.

It differs from the potential customer because you have seduced him in the first instance with your product and you have done everything possible to feed that traction with promotions and offers to turn him into a customer.

What are potential customers

Potential customers are important because it depends on them that your company or business can develop and grow.

They are the ones that you have the obligation to be able to recognize so that you can present them with attractive offers and attract them to your market.

They are the type of client that will determine that your company presents losses or gains and at the same time you estimate the investment of your business so that you can achieve success.