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Call the Maryland EBT Card phone number to report a lost / stolen EBT Card

If your Maryland EBT card Was it stolen or lost or the magnetic stripe on the back of the card no longer reads on an EBT terminal? The next option is to call Maryland EBT Card phone number and get in touch with them immediately. Your Maryland EBT Card is very important to you as you will need it to take advantage of your grocery shopping benefits Stores that accept EBT cards.

Unless you report your loss or theft, the person in possession of your card will use yours Benefits for grocery stamps in Maryland To buy items for yourself. That’s why we made them available Maryland EBT Card phone number for you and also the procedure you must follow to report your lost / stolen or damaged EBT card to the department that administers the food stamp in Maryland.

Maryland EBT Card phone number

Additionally, if you’ve noticed that someone else tried to use your card without your permission, we’ll also provide the contact information Report fraud with grocery stamps.

Maryland EBT card phone number for reporting lost / stolen EBT cards

Anytime your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you must first report to the EBT Helpdesk in Maryland or the local grocery stamp office. You can call the EBT Helpdesk in Maryland 800-997-2222. You can also call them Maryland EBT customer service phone number on 1-800-997-2222 / 1-877-501-2233 for help. However, you can also report grocery stamp fraud in Maryland by calling 800-332-6347.

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After you may have called to report your lost or stolen card and request a replacement card for Maryland Independence, your card will be deactivated. This is done for security reasons and to prevent the system from having multiple active cards for the same account.

The state authority would have to replace the EBT card within 2 working days of the budget being notified to the state authority. So when you call to report your lost or stolen one Maryland EBT cardYou should ask them how long it will be before you get the replacement card. You will also need to ask them to check if there are any fees for requesting a new replacement card.