Business licenses for retail companies and online stores

When opening a business it is important to know about license for retail companies and online storesSince each type of business requires a different license and even each state has different regulations.

For this reason and to avoid confusion, keep reading and you will avoid fines or in the worst case, the government closing your business as soon as you open it without licenses.

What license for retail companies and online stores do I need?

There is a type of license for retail companies and online stores essential regardless of the type of business you open and the state where the business operates, for example:


EIN, is the employer identification number that is necessary to obtain so that your business entity can be identified, since it is also known as a tax identification number and is necessary for all types of retail business.

It is actually a very simple procedure, since it can be managed in a few minutes online on the official site.

If you open an online store in a city with the goal of selling a product as a retailer, you must request the employer identification number and the state tax identification number from your state tax collection agency.

Business license:

This is another type of impressionable license for the opening of a commercial entity, since your business must be registered in the corresponding office according to the state where your business operates.

Therefore depending on the state, you should find out the requirements on the official site of for example On the official site you will receive help to register your business with the requirements that it must meet.

Local business license:

You should buy this type of license at a rate that will depend on the city where your business operates and its type. You will receive the information from the official website of the city or county clerk, for example


The DBA is the registration of the commercial name of your business, because if you decide that your name will be a fictitious one, you must register it and obtain a DBA, because your business will operate with that fictitious name.

However, you should check the laws of your state to know if it is mandatory, since depending on the structure it may be mandatory or not essential to manage the DBA.

Resale Certificate: As a retail business you will need to buy products and then sell them, but to avoid paying sales taxes you must manage the resale certificate, but it is always advisable that you consult the regulations of your state.

Professional license: Depending on the type of retail business you plan to open, you may need a professional license, for this reason you should seek information about your need in your state licensing department or in the trade association of the type of industry you will operate.

Occupancy certificate: In some cities or counties they may require the certificate of occupancy, for which you must allow the facilities to be inspected by the corresponding personnel, since it may require the inspection of the fire department or if you think about the sale of food, the establishment will require inspection by the health department.

If you rent a property or buy it and want to renovate it, you will need an inspection from the city planning department.

Permits and License for Retail Businesses and Online Stores

Besides the license for retail companies and online stores, you will probably need to manage permits, which will depend on the laws of the state where your business operates, for example:

Zoning permit:

Before opening the business, it is advisable that you obtain the zoning permit and present all the required documents, since by obtaining them you will be sure that your type of business is allowed to operate in the area you have chosen.


It is convenient that as soon as you decide to open your business you begin the investigation about the permits and licenses that are part of the state regulations, since based on this you can have peace of mind that your business will not be closed or you will be fined for violating the law.

Once you have collected all the information, start gathering the documentation that you need to present as soon as possible because you will surely find yourself with delays and other administrative issues that will delay the process.

Keep in mind that online retail businesses are regulated by local and government authorities, which may request other types of licenses, since for example the sale of tobacco, food products and pets require additional licenses.

Even a home business, the e-commerce, requires having the corresponding licenses before starting to operate.

If you think of an online business of the auction type, depending on your profession you may need a state business license, because if you plan to auction merchandise from this type of business you earn a commission, then as an online business owner you must manage the license auctioneer.

When you do business online, the requirements for you to apply to licenses have to do with the state from where you do business.

In legal terms you will be operating a nexus, but when expanding your business, therefore you will sell your products to another state and you will have to obtain the licenses of another county, city, state and government that correspond.

For this reason, if you think of a business on the web, you should find out all the local requirements to obtain the permits that govern the county or city.

In fact, if you work from home, in order for you to operate the business, you will likely need a work permit at home.

However, everything will depend on the type of activity you do, since not all of them are allowed to be carried out from home.

Well, some states do not require a general commercial license, but they have regulatory licenses according to the type of business and instead require special permits for the sale of beverages and food, so if your e-commerce is dedicated to these products , surely you will need to manage specific licenses and permits.