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Business ideas for online entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the online world offers tons of opportunities for good business ideas. To stay competitive and relevant in today’s business world, you have to keep up with new trends in technology.

Everyone has heard stories of startups that have become smashing successes by making their owners incredibly wealthy. However, this does not come on a silver platter. Only good ideas could take you to such heights. There are a number of opportunities and very good business ideas that entrepreneurs could implement to take advantage of them.

15 Good Online Business Ideas

If you have plans to be the next big thing in the online business world, then you have to check out the following list of 15 online businesses for 2017.

Buy and sell websites

website-FlippingThe business of buying and selling websites is very similar to buying and selling houses. Typically it will involve buying websites, updating them before reselling them again at a profit. You have to be careful about the type of website you are buying. Newcomers to this business should avoid SPAM sites at all costs. This site will generally have some content copied from other sites developed by the seller. This can negatively affect the website’s ranking with the major search engines. Every day people are looking for cash from Adsense blogs, all you need to do is buy that blog, update it, and improve your traffic before selling it at a profit. These are good money makers if you get them right in a high traffic niche.

Applications development

From the comfort of your home, you can start this type of technology business at relatively low cost if you have the necessary skills. Today, some websites offer you tools for creating applications. This makes it very easy to establish this business and start development. The competition is quite high in this industry, but it is still possible for you to make a fortune if you do it right and your idea is strong and innovative enough. With the growing number of smartphones and tablets, there will be more and more applications on demand. However, you need to conduct extensive research when venturing into this. You need to know what is already on the market. This will help you avoid repeating what was done previously.

Ecommerce store


This is an industry that will continue to boom even for years to come. Thousands of people browsing every day will continue to browse e-commerce stores. As the number of smartphones and tablets grows, the size of this market will continue to grow. This is another opportunity for you to cash in from the comfort of your home. An ecommerce store will allow you to sell just about anything from clothing, electronics, books, and other household items. This is possible if you establish an affiliate store with eBay and Amazon which are two of the largest online ecommerce retailers, another great store is also AlibabaAlternatively, you can do it through dropshipping.

Online reputation management

Individuals and businesses have to maintain or improve their reputation online. Kissmetrics is a good example of such a business that provides an in-depth analytics suite for this purpose. As the number of Internet users increases rapidly, so does the number of mentions (positive or negative).

For this reason, personalities and companies are hiring people to protect them from negative mentions. If you are ready to manage online reputation as a community manager, brand management or social media, this is a perfect job.

Social media advertising

social mediaIf you are a huge fan of social media and have a knack for promotion, this is the good business idea for you this year. Social media by far determines the success and failure of most online businesses. For this reason, companies put a lot of effort into this form of marketing. All you need is a well-developed website and the passion to keep going. Probably, you may need to offer free services to develop a customer list first. While you will have to work a lot to make it work, the capital involved is quite low.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services

As long as search engines are thriving, SEO will continue to thrive. Considering that it is now difficult to rank websites in search engines, SEO companies are now in demand.

There are a number of free and inexpensive tools available to help you check your SEO score, backlinks, and other metrics, Majestic SEO Y Ahrefs Site Explorer there are two in this business. Businesses and brands will definitely need SEO to make sure their websites are loved by the major search engines and drive targeted traffic from these major search engines to their online businesses.

Virtual office assistants

The goal of any entrepreneur is to make the business more productive and profitable. That is why the need for a virtual assistant is inevitable. They are professionals to whom tasks can be delegated over the Internet. They could be professionals from different fields like accounting, marketing, and design.

Outsourcing or outsourcing of business processes

This is actually a broad service ranging from customer support, help desk services, accounting and research, technical support, telemarketing, etc. If you have a good IT infrastructure and a team of professionals, then you are well prepared to start your BPO.

Design and development of websites

web-developmentThis industry will continue to revolutionize even for years to come. Today, we are talking about mobile browsing which is one of the hot spots in the web and communication space. Businesses will need their websites to be designed in a way that is mobile friendly. If you have what it takes to be a developer, this is a good company for you.

Cloud hosting

Data in the cloud has always been considered flexible, scalable, and efficient. For these reasons, many companies today are hosting files, website infrastructure, and even entire operating systems in the cloud. If you do not have the appropriate infrastructure to establish a cloud hosting company, there are web hosting organizations that could resell the capabilities of cloud hosting at an affordable price.

Here are a couple of free services that you can try for yourself Zeropc, Jolicloud and of course Google drive

Digital advertising intermediation

Without having a website network, you can simply invite other website owners to form an advertising network. In this case, you will act as a broker who, in turn, will place advertisements on your behalf.

But remember, you do not own those websites. So you can only earn a commission from the advertising revenue.

Graphic and infographic design

infographic-designDisplay marketing is the trend today. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest focus on images. Geographic information is even more popular with marketers today. So if you are good at graphic design, this is your perfect opportunity and a good business idea.

Data security and privacy settings

Today as in the years to come, data security will continue to be a major concern. Sensitive data could easily be leaked and spread on social media like Facebook. We have recently seen a major security issue from the Heartbleed bug. For this reason, companies will look to data security experts to protect their data. If you have what it takes to be a data security expert, this is one of the areas with the most potential that you should consider investing in.

Online webinars

webinarsInformation and education form a product that can be easily sold to people. Udemy is a popular training portal where you can join thousands of instructors who are building their brand and making money teaching. If you have the knowledge or experience in a certain field, then try teaching people through webinars or online platforms.

Conversion rate optimization

This business involves market research, content marketing, goal setting, and other related strategies in order to ensure that the business has increased conversion. This is one of the most significant trends today.

The above list is intended to help you find inspiration in your search for a suitable business idea on the Internet. Remember, your business is typically built in alignment with your passion and motivation purpose. The Internet business gives you an opportunity to make good money, but if you are not having personal satisfaction developing your business, it becomes one more job in your life. Get inspired and follow your passion to find your own good business ideas.