Business idea: Private e-commerce

Privalia, business idea for private e-commerce

The e-commerce is one of the ways to earn money online And it is perhaps the most profitable, but if we are talking about getting as much profit as possible, then we would have to target our sales to as many customers as possible to guarantee many sales for our business, don’t you think?

However, there are those who say that in terms of sales it is also true that quality is better than quantity. That’s why it was born Privalia, a private online sales club where we will find products from the best brands with up to 70% discount for its members.Private e-commerce

Undoubtedly, Pivalia’s business model must be the segmented sale of branded products to a certain type of exclusive clients from countries such as Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Italy, regions where it is only available, currently having more than 9 millions of people who trust their services.

Becoming a member costs nothing and you will immediately be able to access the offers of this business idea directly from your e-mail, since they will begin to send you the offers for which you are interested, offers from the 500 best brands on the market.

You can buy your favorite products, and from now on we tell you that they are quite striking, using your credit cards or with your PayPal account. There is also a program for the return of items that do not meet customer expectations.

However, in Privalia not everything is sales but also referrals, that is, you can earn some money by recommending to all your friends or family about the existence of this e-commerce so that when they join they will generate a commission of 10 euros for their purchases, and hopefully this promotion will last longer.

You can visit Privalia by doing click here.