Business and Money to Achieve Financial Freedom

One of the most difficult things to do when you have a surplus of money or liquidity thanks to some business, unexpected money or the premium of our work, is not to spend it. The trap is easy: because after killing ourselves working, committing time and sacrificing many things, it is normal that we want to indulge ourselves traveling, eating in restaurants, buying clothes or doing whatever you like, is that what you work for?

Financial FreedomThat is why thinking about saving can be seen as sacrificing in some way that prize that one wins after enduring or suffering so much in the race. Not easy. But spending is one of the traps of money: it enslaves people and makes them dependent for life on a salary and the will of a boss at work.

Obviously the expenses have to be paid; and to pay them you have to work. But when those expenses become debts, you have to do whatever it takes to keep your source of income afloat, no matter what it costs.

In this way, dependence on salary is generated, which causes one to be forced to work most of the time in something that we do not like. Frustration, conformity, and eventually mediocrity follow.

The time comes when we get depressed at work, we feel that we are wasting our life, but how can we leave that source of money that allows us to meet all the expenses for which we have to respond? Life enters a vicious circle that can end up leading to the loss of self-love.

It takes conviction to invest instead of spending. It is necessary to be clear that one invests to avoid that slavery. Because, although the investment is first of all an effort, or a deprivation of that prize, in the end it has a more lasting objective: financial independence.

Having financial independence as a goal gives meaning to our work whatever it is. Well, our ultimate goal is to be able to live without working, or better yet, to work for pleasure and what one likes, and not out of necessity. This could be the personal success you long for.

But how is financial independence achieved?

Investing the savings in things that generate returns, so that you can cover your expenses and leave a surplus to reinvest.

And to achieve this, you will need two things:

1) Know how much your annual expenses are.

2) Make sure that your income is always higher than your expenses, so that it leaves you a margin to invest.

In the next post I will give you a clear example of how you can achieve financial freedom by doing business and money in a relatively short time.

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