Borrower benefits and considerations

Are you interested in borrower? Do you know about its profitability? What indicator do you use? The waiting time until you get your money back? What if you expect a user to pay and end up not paying? What reliability does it give you and what are its benefits? Do you want to know if you intend to be a lender or need a loan? Keep reading…

Borrower considerations

As considerations of borrower, keep in mind:

  1. The rate of return is between 8.9 and 28.9% as an annual interest rate.
  2. The money will always be safe because you can control it in the lender panel, you loan credits and in your account you know the performance.
  3. You are the one who decides who to lend money to knowing its history, the term and the interest rate.
  4. If you fear that a user will not pay their credit, there is a legal charge.
  5. If you join as a lender, you will pay a 1% commission on each payment you receive.
  6. It offers credits from 10 to 250 thousand Mexican pesos in terms of 12, 24 and 36 months.
  7. To access credit you need to have a bank account of the participating banks, check your income with the account statement or you can access a loan without a bureau.
  8. Once you register, you complete an application and receive the money requested in your bank account.

Borrower benefits

  1. If you have a bad credit history or you simply have not created it and you need a loan, you can obtain it and from that you will enter the financial system with all its advantages.
  2. In the case of a bad credit history you can recover it with family and friends who will help you with a new credit.
  3. Your family and friends will be the funders of the credit and will benefit from the rate of return that is generated with your credit.

Steps to apply for a loan at a borrower.

  1. You apply for the loan by registering.
  2. Your application is sent to be approved in the so-called funding stage.
  3. At that stage, lenders see the application and can ask you questions.
  4. Each of the lenders will contribute money until among several the amount of money you need and requested is met.
  5. Once the total amount of the money you requested is gathered, those funds are transferred to your bank account, minus the VAT and the commission charged for the opening.
  6. The following month you will begin with the payment of the credit calculating between 8.9 and 28.9% annual interest rate.
  7. That same annual interest rate that you pay is the same that your lenders will receive, since it is the return they obtain from having loaned you money.
  8. In this way you and the lenders benefit, because you can meet your needs and the lenders benefit because they increase their capital.

Kubo financial lender

  1. Note that borrower is a financial company in Mexico whose objective is to connect people who need a loan with fair interest with other people who seek to capitalize by increasing their money
  2. For this, the company works digitally applying technology to find borrowers or people who need a loan among those who are the best payable in Mexico with a financial behavior that is analyzed so that investors feel confident that their money will grow .

How reliable is a Lender?

  1. As a P2P platform and its objective of offering credits and investments based on competitive rates, both parties benefit and can trust, since it began in 2002 as one of the Fintech companies in Mexico.
  2. Reliability can be seen by posting your credit statistics.
  3. In addition, it does not require advances for credit applications to be analyzed.
  4. Personal information is protected as privacy.
  5. Lenders know where the money they are investing is and what the returns on the loan are.
  6. If you need to cancel your credit you can do it at any time even if the term has not reached its end and there is no penalty for cancellation.
  7. When the operation begins, it is registered on your website with its description so that both parties can follow up in real time.
  8. If you want personalized attention, you can contact 01-839-0538 from the interior or 5-207-9387 from the DF.
  9. If you want to go to speak in person you can do it in Puebla 308 – 303 Col. Roma del Cauhtémoc.
  10. As a crowfunding company, it progresses in the market because any user is enabled to enter the statistics page, which reveals the credits that have been granted, what their returns are, and what interests are being paid.
  11. In this way, the company provides clarity to its users with trustworthy information because there is no other company so transparent that it reveals its data publicly and in real time.
  12. In fact, it is as simple as entering their website and clicking on See list of credits and you will be able to be clear about how this leading company in the financial market really works.
  13. Even if you need a loan, you can root a simulation by filtering the results. Choose the destination of the credit, the term you are interested in to cancel the loan, move the bar of the amount you need and the interest rate that as you know is between 8.9 and 28.9% and click Filter.
  14. Below it will show you examples of other users who needed the same amount of money as you with the same objectives and the amount of funding they received.
  15. In the event that the result showing does not indicate funding or funding 0, modify the interest rate or the term, as it is only a simulation so that you can have an idea about what you can expect and maintain confidence in the results of the company.
  16. After applying for your real loan, you will complete the application with the data that really correspond to your needs and possibilities for paying the loan.