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Book hotel rooms online and in real time

The lodging business It is one that is directly linked to the tourism sector, which logically indicates that it is a very profitable item and that it is viable especially in countries where the visits of people from all over the world are practically assured, either by the wonders that there they are both natural and made by our ancestors.

As the case may be, if you have any hosting, the tool called It will be very useful to you, this because you can simply make it easier for people to make reservations for the rooms they will need by using a widget that can be inserted into your own web page.

Book hotel rooms online and in real time
This widget can be customized from an easy-to-understand interface, it is more than anything a dynamic calendar where we can add all the rooms we have to manage from reservations, we can edit prices, generate promotions and discounts when necessary so that we can always have Our hotel is full, we can also organize customer service by confirming reservations via e-mail, etc. Then proceed to configure the widget and voila, more proposals to accept or to adapt as the case may be.

Dashbell’s system ensures that payments are made normally, what’s more, all the functionalities offered by this tool are executed online.

On the other hand, we can also create many customer profiles according to their characteristics or according to the motivation of their trips such as the change of season, work, studies, etc., so that we can analyze the reservation history to be able to offer incentives. This way we will ensure the loyalty of our travelers for years to come.

Perhaps so far you have found it an interesting resource for every entrepreneur who is dedicated to the accommodation business, however we can tell you that it is not free unless you only want to try this service for 30 days, otherwise, there are two plans of payment that maybe they can get along with the type of establishment you have.

As you will see, it is a highly recommended option to attract more customers in real time.