Blog writing – how-to for search engines and people

Online businesses are the result of actions that are developed based on two main factors, and these factors will often decide if we will be successful or if it will elude us, when it comes to write in a blog The methodology we need to implement is the creation of content for people, of course, who are the ones who read us, but our content also needs to be optimized for the main search engines, which will be in charge of presenting the content we develop online.

Now, many can say that if we develop content in this way, what we will achieve is content without a coherent form, which affects us in relation to our visitors to our blogs, but the reality is that we need to find a balance, this is that be responsive and orderly for readers and you see this optimized for search engines.Write in a blog

Write in a blog- An adventure that becomes art.

In this article I want to expose you some variables that we need to take into account when write in a blog, since our greater or lesser exposure in search engines will depend on it and therefore in the results of our entire Internet business.

Although there are many more rules and these are not totally decisive, my recommendation is that we try to comply with them as best as possible, some of these rules are:

– KEYWORD IN THE TICKET TITLE- It is very important to format your text, this is to highlight the title in the wordpress content box, you will find it as h1 and what you have to include in this tag is the main keyword with which you want to position your article in search engines.

– KEYWORD IN THE URL OF YOUR ARTICLE- If you do a search in the search engines you will notice that they give priority to the urls that contain the keyword in them, so you need to rename this link with your main keyword as well.



In the same way as you have named a title with the

tag you also need to create content with subtitles and secondary subtitles, this will be named in the



– BOLD, CURSIVE AND UNDERLINED – Search engines can perfectly distinguish the changes of tonalities in the content that you use when writing in a blog, for example you need to use bold, italics and even underlining, this enriches your articles much more and gives it advantages over other content that lacks these actions.

– LINKS (LINKS) – The use of links is another practice that search engines like a lot, as this allows your content to be more enriching, they can find other content on your blog and throughout the web. Always keep in mind that you need to place both internal links, those that point to other articles of your property and external links or other content that is not of your authorship.

– NAME THE ALT LABELS OF THE IMAGES- Images also offer us an opportunity to rate our content, search engines cannot read the image format, but they can perfectly see the descriptions of the images, so it will benefit you to name your images in the “alt” tag. Many people tend to search for images and if they direct them to your content, you already have another advantage.

– KEYWORD INSIDE THE TEXT (KEYWORD DENSITY) – The keywords need to be inside the article, for example you always have to have your keyword in the first part of your article, or rather in the first paragraph and another in the final paragraph, inside the content you also need to place your keyword, you can even place words related to your main word (Key Phrases).

In this aspect you need to proceed with caution, we do not want the content to seem over optimized, which will end up harming us more than helping, for which I recommend that your keywords in the content do not exceed 2% or 3%, this means that for every 100 words two, at most three times you can include your keyword with which you want the article to be indexed in search engines.

– PARTICIPATION OF YOUR READERS- Currently this is very important and gives us extra points compared to search engines, you need to make your readers participate in your post, invite them to make comments and share your content on social networks, so that you can also manage the social variable and you benefit in view of the seekers.

Remember Google does not read images, it only reads codes, here is the importance of paying attention to the rules that benefit us from search engines, of course these are just some of the tips we can look at to improve our content when writing in a Blog.

I hope this article is helpful to you, I invite you to leave your comments about it and share it with the people who may find it useful.

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