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Bitrabajo, a platform to earn money selling mini-jobs

As we mentioned before, the freelance jobs They are still in fashion, a trend that will continue to grow even more and luckily determined entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it to start their own businesses.

If, for example, you have certain knowledge in audio and music, graphic design, online marketing, programming, business, advertising, translation, etc., then you could offer your services throughBitwork.

Bitwork is a platform that allows us to earn money by selling our products and services to people who need them either to improve their projects or for personal use.

make money with freelance jobs
The interesting thing about this system is that each offer or job published will cost about 6 euros as a fixed price, and if you want to earn a little more money you will not be able to upload services with a higher price but it is only allowed to provide additional improvements with a cost of course or sell multiple orders at once.

Again the resource that will help you sell more are the photographs, these must be published on your affiliate page where you can also place a description of your offer, you will have to specify if there are shipping costs and the delivery time of course, we will find buttons of the main social networks so that people in turn share everything we offer, and a whole rating system that takes into account the points of view or comments of the clients you have had, the number of orders published, the orders that have been canceled and those that you have delivered late, all this will make your reputation grow and consolidate or end up on the ground.

When someone buys something from you, a notification will be sent to your e-mail and your earnings will be deposited to you about 7 days after the completion of the order. You can request your payments through PayPal so it is recommended that you integrate your account for better management of them. Here it must be taken into account that a commission is charged for each sale equivalent to 1 euro.

Another point to take into account is self-promotion to try to get more customers and it is not convenient to upload illegal or dubious material for marketing, this will lead to the cancellation of the account.

Despite the fact that this initiative has been officially launched at the beginning of this year, there are already several virtual workers who have been encouraged to enter this area, which apparently does provide many results.