Better Ways to Raise Your Credit Score Faster

If you are thinking how to raise your credit score fast, it means that you need to repair your credit history urgently or as soon as possible.

By improving your credit history, you can see its result reflected in an increase in your credit score. Although you may try to find a quick solution, you should be careful because rebuilding credit in addition to taking time requires good administration.

Therefore, below you will know….

11 tricks on how to raise your credit score fast

You can apply the following tricks on how to raise your credit score fast, because everything you are about to read is legal and you will not have any problem applying them, for example:

  1. Pay attention to the revolving account that is nothing more than the famous debt ratio that you have on credit and that affects your credit score punctually.

For example, your line of credit may be $ 10,000 and your debt is $ 8,000. In this situation the revolving account will be 80% calculated on your available credit. This is a situation that you should try to solve as quickly as possible because FICO recommends that the debt on the available credit does not exceed 35%, The higher the percentage of your debt, the more affected your credit will be, therefore if you reduce the Balance of debt in a percentage lower than 30 or 35% on the available credit will begin to increase your credit score achieving up to 100 more points in a short time.

  1. Try an increase in the credit line, as it is best if you cannot pay your debts, for example assuming that if your credit line is $ 10,000 and you owe half of that credit line and you cannot pay even 30 %, the trick is that you request an increase in the credit line of your card and you can even request a new one for 5000 dollars, then you will have a line of credit 15000 dollars and your debt will continue to be 5000 dollars, but now you will have used a 33% of the credit and therefore it will increase your credit score.
  2. Apply for a card to purchase merchandise, they are high risk credit cards called subprime merchandise credit cards that work as lines of credit so you can buy merchandise from certain distributors.

When you start using this card, the credit you have in your credit history will begin to increase and the percentage of debt will decrease and therefore it will be immediately reflected in your credit score.

  1. Prefer the use of the secured credit card and you will improve your credit score, as they are the cards that help people with a low credit score. They are also cards with low interest and fees and as you use it you increase your credit score and at the same time you can control credit.
  2. The fastest way to increase your credit score is to request your free report, check it carefully and if you think there is an error, start a dispute immediately so that that error is removed from your report.
  3. You must ask the credit agencies to eliminate all negative elements and if at that time you continue with debts and especially a large debt, when paying it you can request a review of your credit history and you will see a rapid change in your credit report w se it will translate into an increase in your credit score.
  4. If you want your credit score to increase, obviously you must prevent it from decreasing, therefore keep old credit cards in force, do not get rid of them just because they are old and unused or because of their high interest, since a significant percentage of Your credit history has to do with the oldest cards and your behavior, therefore if at one point you have been a good payer, they are the ones that increase your credit score.
  5. Avoid applying for accounts in which your social security number is requested, because if many credit applications are detected, your desperation for money can be noticed and therefore it will negatively affect your credit score.
  6. Although it may be obvious, when you pay your bills on time, you increase your credit score by a percentage of 35%, which is the percentage that constitutes your score.
  7. If from now on and in the next 6 or 12 months you start making punctual payments, your credit score will increase. In this way, when you start a dispute over the errors that you may have detected in your credit report, positive information will be added to your history.
  8. By starting to reduce the debts you may have with credit cards, at the same time you will focus on making punctual payments without delay to avoid damaging your purpose of increasing your credit score.

Even in this way, while you improve your credit score, you benefit because by not delaying in payments, the interest rate will not be increased, you will not pay interest for late payment and ultimately you will be taking care of your financial situation.

You have already learned with tricks how to raise your credit score quickly, now you can start applying them, since otherwise with your bad credit score if it is below 600 points it will be very difficult for you to access a credit card. Traditional credit will also not be easy w you can access a loan, if you need to rent an apartment and your credit score is not the best, you will surely have problems to specify that rent.

Even if you do not improve your credit score quickly, you will also have problems with companies that provide public services because in the event that you move from one city to another they will demand a higher deposit amount compared to other people with a credit score high.

How to raise your credit score fast in Miami

Raising your credit score fast in Miami requires the same technique as across the country. In fact the reporting agencies are TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

  1. Therefore, start by requesting your credit report for free, since you have the right to request it once a year at no cost.
  2. When having the credit report, review it very carefully, since you can detect serious errors such as identity theft or others that may not seem very serious and are nevertheless affecting your credit score.
  3. Get all those mistakes corrected from the start of a dispute.
  4. Thanks to this correction of errors, you will have erased from your credit history all the negative elements that reduced your score and it will begin to increase immediately.