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Best internet services for home

There are many Internet services for home and surely you need the best, especially if you live in a house where different devices are used simultaneously, so you are looking for the best internet quality, to navigate quickly, but …

What are the best internet services for home?

Internet services for home A minimum of 100 Mbps is the best for you if you usually save and share files in the cloud and use Google Drive or Dropbox in the background, for example, and also participate in video conferences, otherwise 25 Mbps will be enough for a good velocity.


In the United States AT & T as DSL provider is considered the largest, it offers an internet service with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps in cities located in the western and southern parts of the United States.

However, to enable internet service, the area must have equipment with a fiber optic line from the aforementioned company so that you can enjoy a speed greater than 75 Mbps.

In fact, it provides DSL broadband to 38% of the US territory, which is why it is considered the largest provider, offering more than 120,000,000 DSL homes and fiber optic lines. It has its services to 21 states of the United States including Florida, Texas and California.

As for AT & T’s pricing, it offers 50 Mbps for $ 40 per month, 100 Mbps for $ 60, which is enough to supply a family.

It also provides plans with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps for $ 80 a month, but if you opt for a plan with a speed lower than 1000 Mbps, the service has a limit of 1000GB per month, with which you can count on 300 hours. of transmission.

With the exception of some of the northern United States states, West Virginia, and New York, you may consider Century Link as an option to AT&T if it does not provide services in your area, as Century Link offers its services in areas that are not covered by AT&T.

Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios offers unlimited data and fiber optic internet with coverage to 10 states in the United States covering more than 32000000 users and even for $ 70 per month it provides a plan of up to 940 Mbps.

But it also has cheaper plans as for $ 40 per month it offers a speed plan of 50 Mbps.

Century Link

Then Century Link is the option as an internet provider for your home if AT & T does not offer coverage in your area and for $ 80 per month you can enjoy gigabit speed plans, as it is also an option because Verizon Fios does not have coverage in the northeastern United States, but you will be limited to 600GB of data per month if you don’t buy a plan of at least 1000MB or higher.

In turn, if you are not interested in such a fast speed you could opt for DSL, for a price of $ 30 per month it offers you a 40 Mbps plan, which is enough if you only run a few devices and do not use an important data transmission.

Internet service

Faster internet service, speaking of mobile and broadband internet in the United States, according to a report published by Speedtest is on the rise. In one year it grew by 42%, being that on average the fixed broadband speed increased by 51% and the mobile internet speed also grew although slower and with a lower percentage compared to one year and the previous one.

Others internet services for home

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity is ideal for you if you don’t need such a fast speed service, because it also has cheap plans and offers coverage in 40 states including Utah, Illinois and Maryland, offering speed plans of 25, 75 and 150 Mbps. However, It only provides cable broadband, which offers a variety of television packages, but by calling the vendor, they can guide you about internet options for the area where you live.

As for Comcast Xfinity pricing, for example a 25 Mbps plan is priced at $ 67 in Miami, but the same 25 Mbps plan in Houston is priced at $ 30

Internet service in my area

You can find out the internet service in my area by looking at different sites, but after you know the internet providers in your area, you need to make sure that you understand the different types of internet service.

Many providers will be able to offer you a high-speed internet service and they can also be very reliable as a cable company or as a DSL service company, because fiber optic internet, although it is the fastest internet technology, its coverage is not available in all areas.

Not only does it have to see the area where you live and the possibility of receiving the coverage of the company that is best for you, but you must also consider what is in the area where you live, how much you want to spend and the speed you need.

Internet service provider


Hughesnet is an internet service provider with a satellite speed that reaches many cities with 25 Mbps, so it is an option that you should consider if you live in a remote area.

Since Hughesnet reaches more than 30.8 million users, it is considered one of the largest in the United States, although the speed is slower than with DSL or cable.

Regarding prices, Hughesnet offers a 10 GB speed plan for $ 50 per month and a 50GB plan for $ 100 per month. Despite the fact that in some areas the advertised 25 Mbps or more is only 2.5 Mbps, it is the only option if you live in a rural area.

Internet providers

Cox Communicatiom

Cox Communicatiom and another of the cable broadband internet providers. It offers coverage in Rhode Island, Arizona and Nevada to more than 20,000,000 users in the United States.

As for the prices of Cox Communication for 60 dollars per month it offers a plan of 50 Mbps suitable for a simultaneous transmission with eight connected devices and for 90 dollars per month it offers a plan of 300 Mbps.