Best insurance companies for UBER

If you work with the UBER application, you are surely looking for a company insurance for uber that provides the coverage you need according to your car to protect you, the vehicle and the passengers.

For this reason, below you will know those insurance companies to which you can quote to insure your car …

Insurance companies for uber

What insurance for uberIn the state of Mexico and in Mexico City you can count on Seguros Sura while in the rest of Mexico you will have AXA Seguros.

Sura insurance

  1. Seguros Sura offers you civil liability coverage when you cause damage to third parties from the moment you connect with the application and accept the trip.
  2. At the same time, you get coverage for civil liability, for personal accidents, medical expenses, accidental death, total theft and material damage from the acceptance of the trip until you pick up the user.
  3. You get coverage once the user gets in your car and reaches the destination with civil liability for damages to travelers, occupants and third parties, for personal accidents, total theft, material damage, accidental death, disability and medical expenses.

You obtain these coverages if you have already contracted a policy with ERT coverage of a private insurance that includes total theft and material damage with a 10% deductible of the commercial value of your vehicle and also this policy must be in force when you suffer the accident.

Uber car insurance

In Mexico, Uber established an alliance with Seguros Sura and AXA. In this way, all trips are insured with a standardized coverage in this way:

  1. Civil security coverage when causing damage to third parties due to a traffic accident while there is a connection between the driver and the application.
  2. Civil liability coverage when causing damage to the occupants during a traffic accident during the entire trip.
  3. Contingent coverage for total theft or material damage to the vehicle throughout the trip while using the application.
  4. Coverage of medical expenses for affected third parties, driver partners and users from the acceptance of the trip request until its completion.
  5. When you connect to the Uber app without having yet accepted a ride request and have an accident for which you are responsible, you get third party liability coverage including damage to third party property and medical expenses.
  6. It may be that you are not responsible then you must claim the third party’s insurance, for which your personal insurance will also be useful.

What is wibe uber

  1. Wibe uber is a BBVA Bancomer insurance brand that provides you with car insurance coverage according to your needs.
  2. Through the online insurance channel, it offers you an exclusive line for contracting insurance at competitive prices.

Wibe insurance for uber

  1. Wibe offers you insurance for uber With plans that as a driver, even if you do not own the car, you can obtain civil liability coverage for occupants for a value of up to $ 350,000 Mexican.
  2. You can purchase your insurance coverage with a debit card or credit card from any bank.
  3. There are no fixed terms and you can cancel at any time without being charged a penalty.
  4. If you need to repair your insured car, it offers you a replacement car for 20 days.
  5. You get nationwide coverage including roadside assistance and protection.
  6. You can purchase wibe coverage for uber regardless of the make or model of your car.

How to quote your insurance wibe uber

  1. Go to and in 5 steps you will be able to quote your car insurance in wibe to work with the uber application.
  2. Choose the type of vehicle you want to quote taking into account that you will not be able to insure salvage cars.
  3. Choose the year of your car.
  4. By choosing the year of the car you will be able to see several car brands so that you can choose which one corresponds to your vehicle, select it with a click on the logo.
  5. Then you must choose the model that corresponds to your car.
  6. Choose the model version for your vehicle and click Continue.
  7. Start filling in the fields with your personal data: if the driver of the vehicle is a driver, your date of birth, your zip code and click Continue.
  8. On the next screen, you must verify that all the information you entered is correct and you will select the payment method that suits you best.

Remember that before starting to quote your car you must have with you the personal data of the driver of the vehicle, the data of the car with its model, year, license plate and a debit or credit card to conclude with the payment of insurance coverage if you agree with the quote.

If you still have any questions, you can solve them with the online chat. A virtual assistant who is subject to predetermined and frequently asked questions such as

  1. You need support to quote your vehicle online.
  2. You will help yourself with the payment and billing form.
  3. It will inform you the period of time it will take to activate the insurance policy.
  4. If you want to download the policy directly from the page, it will also help you with the steps so that you can download your policy.
  5. If after hiring the insurance policy, you regret it and want to cancel it, you can do so and the virtual assistant will help you with the cancellation.
  6. It may also be that it cannot find the year corresponding to your vehicle, so contacting the virtual assistant will help you solve this problem.

However, you should know that wibe insurance does not offer you coverage if you are active in a private driver platform.

Wibe App

The Wibe App can be downloaded from Google Play or from the App Store.

With the Wibe App you can quote your insurance quickly and easily.

You will also receive information corresponding to your coverage and in case of emergency thanks to the Wibe App you will request assistance.

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