Best companies that offer jobs for people who only speak Spanish

If you live in the United States, you should know that there are jobs for people who only speak SpanishBecause the fact that you are not fluent in the English language is not an impediment for you to get a job.

Well, you should not be discouraged because you will have guaranteed employability, do you want to know what jobs you can develop? How to get a job if you speak Spanish and live in the United States? Well, you will read this information below, so keep reading and you will know it.

What are the jobs for people who only speak Spanish

First of all you must know that you cannot be discouraged because you will get jobs for people who only speak Spanish Because in the United States the population that speaks Spanish is expanding more and more and according to the United States Census Bureau, it indicates that the Hispanic population in the United States is over 17% and it is estimated that it will continue to increase.

For this reason, with Spanish as the main language, there are many areas of the economy that require employees who speak Spanish in addition to English to be incorporated into the labor market.

So if you are looking for work that requires Spanish as a language, it will be very easy because there are a variety of websites where you can search for a job with many options for areas, for example:

  1. Career builder: You must publish your curriculum vitae, then in the search engine you will enter the type of job you are looking for, the city or postal code and then click on Find a job.

If you scroll down it gives you the possibility to do a trend search choosing between several sectors such as Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, Entry Level, Administrative Assistant, Retail, Registered Nurse, Travel Specialist, Level of Caretaker entry or .NET Developer.

If you click on see more job titles you will find more areas to search for jobs such as Accountant, Account Executive, Auditor, Automotive Technician, Business Analyst, Civil Engineer, Financial Analyst, IT Director. Marketing Manager, Nursing Home Administrator, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Quality Engineer, Registered Nurse, Restaurant Manager, Retail Sales Associate, Safety Officer, Truck Driver.

  1. is a website that works as an intermediary between employers and professionals.

It even offers career guidance so you can get a successful hire.

  1. CareerOneStop is a website sponsored by the United States Department of Labor.

You will find information on trades and jobs including the median salary, training and required education.

In the search engine you will find which is the employing company, the application date, the location and the available position.

  1. Indeed is a job search website. You will find a large number of available jobs posted many times by the same employers.

Just type in the job and location you want to find, post your resume, and receive email alerts when new jobs that match your search appear.

What are the jobs for Hispanics who don’t speak English?

In the United States jobs for Hispanics who don’t speak English They are very varied and in some of the following you will be able to identify yourself:

  1. Customer service representative: you will work in retail stores or in call centers, many job search platforms offer this type of vacancy that you can fill if you do not speak English.
  2. With your Spanish skills you can be a sales professional doing business with Spanish-speaking countries, as companies in Spanish-speaking countries appreciate being able to speak with a professional in the same language.
  3. With your medical degree and a large Spanish-speaking population, there is nothing better than a patient being cared for by a professional who communicates in the same language instead of interacting with a translator.
  4. Given the border with Mexico, law enforcement officials are required to speak Spanish in order to communicate better and more clearly.
  5. Similarly, in large Hispanic populations, social workers are required to speak Spanish because they deal with very sensitive issues with families who need to communicate in Spanish.

How does walmart work application in Spanish work?

If you want to show up at walmart job app in spanish you can apply by following these steps:

Step 1: You can apply online by going to

It is a job request for you to print online. Keep in mind that the location and time either full or part varies.

Step 2: Generally the positions available are Store Manager, Store Associate, Stock Manager, Receiver, Cashier, and Assistant Manager.

Step 3: Keep in mind that the minimum age to work at Walmart is 16 years old.

Step 4: You should also consider that walmart is a store that is generally open 24 hours a day and you will work 7 days a week.

Step 5: Anyway, Walmart is a company that is looking for people to work regardless of previous experience to fill the vacant job position, but as an applicant you must meet certain conditions such as a great communication skills, excellent personality and availability to meet schedules flexible.

Step 6: Once you have completed and submitted your application you can follow up. Managers will send or call you for a personal interview.

What are the job companies?

What job companies there are several such as:

  1. is a website where you can find work and even offers you internship programs geared towards recent graduates or students.
  2. Disney offers jobs in different areas in the United States.
  3. offers job offers in the United States as the country with the most number of job offers.
  4. The United Nations offers employment news in organizations dependent on the institution. With the G4 visa you can work in the New York headquarters with all the advantages that this means.

How do you find part-time jobs?

Part time jobs You can also find it on different job search platforms such as:

  1. Careerbuilder offers you to filter by the time you want and in the industry that attracts you, geographic location, skills, job title and employer.
  2. CoolWork has a significant amount of seasonal or summer job openings.

3. Monster offers you its base data for part-time jobs. Search by location, keyword, employer, job title and in advanced search you will find jobs by choosing part time.

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