Best companies and factories that provide work to do at home

You are interested in knowing the factories that provide work to do at home Why would you like to be at home more time to enjoy your family or friends and do you think that working from home can benefit you? Well, remote work is booming.

But even if you know the benefits, starting is another question because where to start? How to look for work? These are questions that are beyond your knowledge and it is for this reason that below you will obtain the information you are looking for

What are the factories that give work to do at home

Factories that provide work to do at home or individuals who offer you a job so that you can develop from home with a flexible schedule are several and most of them can be found online through specialized platforms such as:

  1. Flexjobs, is a job search platform where you will find jobs to do from home as a frelancer.
  2. If you like to travel and you have a lot to tell you can do it while you earn money writing about your travels. Matador Network is the portal dedicated to travel where as a blogger you can expose your publications on the web.
  3. Apple is a multinational company that offers you possibilities to work from home as well as face-to-face.

But since I work at home and at Apple, they will usually offer you the company’s customer service, for which they will provide you with an iMac so you can perform the tasks they request.

  1. In you will also find work from home with different work alternatives.
  2. In Amazon you will also find varied options for remote work from home, but in general they will offer you the attention to the Amazon public such as programming, design ,. Web architecture, development and in other areas such as sales, training, logistics and even human resources.

Anyway, if you are selected to fill a work-from-home position at Amazon, a representative will contact you to give you an in-depth explanation about the work you will have to do and even offer you initial training.

Customer support encompasses the role of connecting with the customer through chat, email or phone.

What are the factories that provide work to do at home in the USA?

What factories that provide work to do at home in the usa, there are several such as:

  1. Vipkid, is a company that created an online learning platform. You can work on the schedule you want and plan the classes with the materials that you will have available.
  2. Dell offers remote work so that you can do it from home in different types of areas such as territory account executive, senior architect, presales, channel sales engineer, commercial accounts, etc.
  3. TTEC, has two divisions TTEC engage and TTEC digital, Has old candidacy for customer service representative. VP of Business Applications, Insurance Agent, Data Scientist, Reporting Analyst, etc.
  4. Hopper, offers remote jobs with open candidacy for airline revenue specialist, product manager, software engineer, director of business intelligence, general manager of insurance, agent of travel experiences, etc.
  5. Intuit, is offering work-at-home remotely as a tax expert, senior product designer, etc.
  6. Kelly Services, provides workforce solutions, offers remote work in areas of clinical data systems analysis, staff accountant, DevOps engineer, proofreader, Senior SQL Database Engineer, Vendor Quality Engineer, etc.
  7. Aetna develops solutions for affordability and improvement of healthcare. Offers remote work of network relations manager, community development coordinator, etc.
  8. United Health Group is a company that offers help for a healthier life with a better health system or access to quality health care.

You can find jobs to do at home from clinical transformation consultant, associate director of business, etc.

  1. BriadPath Health Solutions offers remote jobs as a licensed insurance agent, service representative, health insurance sales, etc.
  2. Kaplan is a company that offers higher education programs online and on campus. You have remote job openings such as Course Development Director, Design Director, Representative, Prep Instructor, Deputy Ambassador, and more.

What are the factories that provide work to do at home in Spain?

Factories that provide work to do at home in Spain They also exist and are very varied, so you can identify your skills in many of the following:

  1. The Adecco group collaborates with a company in the insurance sector and is looking for telemarketers who work from home.

The job consists of issuing and receiving calls from customers who are interested and who requested information, then as a telemarketer you will provide advice on the insurance offered by the company.

Work from home is 40 hours per week with flexibility as long as you comply with 8 hours a day from 9 am to 10 pm You only need a computer with internet connection, helmet or headphones with microphone.

If you have the freelance ata, previous experience in a similar sales telephone position, availability of time for training, you can apply at:

  1. Softevolution, Fuengirola, Spain, is incorporating remote personnel, telemarketers to make calls from home. It offers you commission for each appointment you get with its technicians. The employment relationship is long-term.

You can send your resume and apply through

What are the factories that provide work to do at home in Mexico?

The factories that provide work to do at home in Mexico Usually they offer you the sale by phone in a call center or as a telemarketer, the truth is that you can get a job from home by searching according to your skills and abilities in:

1.Trovit, in the jobs section you will get several results not only for telemarketers but also for crafts from home.

These are jobs that imply that you receive products, garments or materials at home for you to assemble or any other work that the company requests.

  1. CNNMoney It not only allows its employees to work remotely but also offers work to people who wish to work from home part or full time, giving rise to the home office, a reality that is increasingly present in Mexico.
  2. Constelacion21, Iztacalco, Distrito Federal is offering work from home for full time housewives. You can apply and request more information at cpc

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