Best American car legalization services in Mexico

You need the car legalization If, for example, you are Mexican who resided for a long time in a foreign country and want to return to settle again in Mexico with your foreign car, you can do so through a definitive import of a used vehicle. How can you do it? You will know it below:

Rules and requirements for the definitive legalization of cars

You can make use of the definitive auto legalization if you comply with certain rules and requirements such as:

  1. Your used car must have been manufactured or assembled in a North American country, that is, Mexico, the United States or Canada.
  2. You can find the place of manufacture or assembly by looking at the driver’s door frame or the car’s windshield on the driver’s side as well.
  3. Once you find the vehicle serial number, you will find the place of assembly or manufacture of your car online just by placing the number in the search engine.
  4. Your car must be a model 8 or 9 years old on the date of importation.
  5. The car must not have restrictions to circulate in the national territory.
  6. With these requirements fulfilled, you begin to gather the necessary documents to start the process.

Car legalization: documentation

  1. As the owner of the car you must present your official identification.
  2. The unique key of the population record.
  3. The title to the car in your name.
  4. Once you gather the documentation and are sure that you meet the requirements, contact a customs agent.
  5. If you do not know how to locate a customs agent, you can find it on the official site of the Tax Administration Service.
  6. When you contact the customs agent, they will be able to carry out the procedure for the definitive importation of your car on your behalf, as they are the only person officially authorized to carry out the procedure.
  7. Anyone else can tell you that they will help you to complete the process, but do not trust because no one else is authorized.
  8. You will present to the customs agent your identification, the title of the car and an entrustment letter that allows you to carry out the entire procedure.
  9. Once you deliver these documents, you can start with the environmental certification process, then perform the verification of the car to verify that there is no theft and verify that the documentation that you gave corresponds to the title of property and take the documentation to the United States customs for the authorization of the export of the car.
  10. Then it will begin with the management of the import order and will inform you of the taxes that you must pay.
  11. In principle you will pay 10% of the value of the car and the corresponding taxes.
  12. Once you pay the taxes, you will go to customs and register the car in the Public Vehicle Registry.
  13. Keep in mind that your car must work correctly because you will not be able to enter it with a tow truck, it will cross customs on its own.
  14. When you arrive in Mexico, you will begin with the process of license plate management in the state you want and in this way you will be able to drive your car legally in Mexican territory.
  15. If you are a natural person, you have the right to the definitive importation of a used car every year.
  16. If your intention is to import not only one vehicle but more in a year, then you will register in the registry of importers.

Legalization of cars in Tijuana

If you need to know about the car legalization In Tijuana you can be guided by the following list, you can go in person or communicate by phone to agree on the details:

  1. Importaciones Rally: Blvd. Bellas Artes 344 A, Garita de Otay, Tijuana, BC, CP22430, telephone: (664) 607-0333.
  2. Yonke Kurios: Independencia 20, Martínez, Tijuana, BC, CP22127, telephone: (664) 629-1160.
  3. Tramitadora Fénix: Manuel M. Flores 12, Montebello, Tijuana, BC, CP22195, telephone: (664) 608-0012.
  4. Aceves Agency: Bellas Artes 17634 5, Garita Otay, Tijuana, BC, CP22430, telephone: (664) 973-0684.
  5. Ceal Grupo Aduanal: Av. Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz 19333 5, Garita Otay, Tijuana, BC, CP22430, telephone: 664) 607-0328
  6. impoauto II: Blvd. Bellas Artes 17603 11, Garita De Otay, Tijuana, BC, CP22000, telephone: (664) 647-8125.
  7. Aispuro Imports: José Ma Larroque 319, Federal, Tijuana, BC, CP22010, phone: (664)683-5722
  8. Tramitadora Fénix: Manuel M Flores 12, Montebello, Tijuana, BC, CP22195, telephone: (664) 608-0012.
  9. Importaciones Cimarrón: Ocho 701 2a, Ejido Matamoros, Tijuana, BC, CP22204, telephone: (664) 972-8411.
  10. Karla Leticia Gómez Lastra: Blvd. Tercera Oeste 17601, Garita Otay, Tijuana, BC, CP22430, telephone: (664) 607-0405.
  11. Palacios Imports: Larroque 317, Federal Employees, Tijuana, BC, CP22010, telephone: (664) 973-1190.

Car legalization in Laredo

  1. For the legalization of cars in laredo you can go to Auto export of laredo, they are specialists in legalizing any type of car that meets certain requirements.
  2. For example, it must be manufactured in Mexico, the United States or Canada, therefore the serial number must be between 1 and 5.
  3. The vehicle model, that is, the year of the car must be 2010 or earlier.
  4. You need the photo or copy of the title deed that proves ownership of the car, whether or not it is in your name.
  5. You need the VIN photo or copy.
  6. You do not pay advance.
  7. You can send an email to [email protected]
  8. You can also go to to legalize your car or motorcycle.

You can legalize your car from home by calling the customs agency or requesting a quote via email.

Call for a quote at (956) 999-2518 or email [email protected]

  1. If you go to Autoyas you can call (956) 999-2518

Car legalization in Nuevo Laredo

  1. In Nuevo Laredo for the legalization of cars you must cancel the title to export it.
  2. Then the definitive import of your used car will take place in 48 hours, but you need the certificate of emission of polluting gases as the main document.
  3. To cancel the vehicle title and avoid waiting, send the documentation by email to [email protected] Or you can also fax it to 956-794-9431.
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