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Benefits of implementing a monitoring system in your online business

An online business has a fundamental barrier that few tell you and that nevertheless is decisive to achieve success in your business, this is that you do not deal directly with a person, in front of you you have a screen and no matter how much logic tells us that behind there is surely a person, our unconscious will always act with a certain doubt and caution.

Now, thanks to technology and recent advances in everything related to online business, today we have what we call email campaigns or the implementation of a monitoring system for both potential customers and also for those people who have already bought us once.

Currently the systems that allow us to pay online, make use of our credit card, they have become the safest that exist, registered data, secure web, etc. For this reason, almost no one can be afraid or have doubts that when using a card to make a payment or purchase online something could go wrong.

Now this is an advantage, but we haven’t touched the biggest disadvantage yet, and this is that potential clients do not know usThey are not in front of us like when they buy in a physical store. Once again, technology comes to our aid, we have the possibility of having tools such as being a responding author through which we can bring our visitor to the state that he needs to be able to dare to make a purchase.

In this article I will name you some benefits of working with online tracking systems in your business, so that you can achieve greater results and benefits for both you and your customers.


Tracking systems, main benefits:

Automated- A monitoring system allows you to work based on a process that is set up only once and then works on automatic pilot, this is for example in a sales funnel for a certain business, you need to set up or create each of the processes and emails that this system will carry, but once finished, they can automatically be distributed to each of your potential clients regardless of the number of them.

Contribution and generation of value- This is perhaps one of the best benefits, being able to educate, show information that helps your potential customers before they make a purchase, with which they can already have a prior idea of ​​what your product or service is, of course. that if you carry out this process properly, right.

How will we know? Very simple, if your subscribers do not unsubscribe from your list it is because they are interested in what you are sending them, you are helping them, which ultimately has to be our goal at this stage.

Trust, credibility and authority- A sequence of emails or tracking systems tries to achieve something fundamental that human beings need to act, trust, credibility in the other person and being able to perceive him as someone who is influential or who really knows what he is talking about, otherwise all previous work is worthless.

The quality of your work, the real contribution of value to your list will be reflected in the results you obtain with it, the better results you have means that you are on the right track.

– Generation of recurring purchases- A follow-up system can make you stay in your customer’s mind for longer, even that they buy you again and again, and depending on the quality of your products or services, they recommend you to other people, what we call evangelizers of your Brand.

It allows you to capture interested in your products- A system of this type offers you the option of attracting subscribers to your blogs or different platforms, with which your base of potential clients can always be constantly growing.

Sell ​​without you having to be present- “Earn money while you sleep” what famous phrase right? It is real, only that first we need to create a whole monitoring system that begins with the acquisition of interested people and culminates in the sale or acquisition of your services.

online toolsThis topic is logical, we cannot achieve results without a system, only that we work on other business models such as Adsense where income is generated by the mere fact that your visitors click on a banner.

These are just some of the advantages of working with a tracking system based on a quality responding author, then they will depend on each business in particular, the model they use and the communication or what we call the copy that they develop in it.

As a recommendation, I can tell you that to choose a suitable tool for the monitoring systems, first study the stage in which you are in your business, for example, it is not the same to be starting, where the demands will be lower, than if it has been a while since you are online, where the skills you can develop are more extensive, then you may need a tool like Ontraport or Aweber for example.

In my particular case, I work with two responding authors or systems to create follow-ups, these are from the companies Getresponse and Aweber, I particularly lean and recommend to start and even at a medium level the author to respond from GVO, but the one that I recommend as an entrepreneur it is Mailerlite with more than 12 years in the sector.


I hope this information is useful to you, in online businesses, even offline, every day these types of tools are being used more, and one of the factors why this happens is because people are increasingly bombarded every day with information of all kinds, therefore for a company or a business to remain active in the mind of a potential client is increasingly difficult.

I encourage you to leave your comments, what experiences you have had with these types of tools, which ones do you recommend, etc. I also invite you to share the article with those who may find it useful. If you want to receive more information about tools and resources to create effective online businesses you can subscribe to the blog.