Benefits for your business when creating systems or marketing funnels

Marketing funnels or systems

Internet businesses are booming so thousands of people wake up daily in their days and take actions in search of greater sales, better deals, in a word “online success” that we hear so much about; However, achieving results is not an isolated event that occurs by chance or by a stroke of luck.

Entrepreneurs who are already well on their way to success do not act or carry out actions without first having a perfectly prepared action plan, a plan that they follow to the letter and which is partly responsible for the results they obtain. .

Carrying out processes following an action plan, a business plan is vital, since it includes what we are looking for, the way to do it, the elements that we will need to do it and, very importantly, the times to carry out such actions.

Now, complying with and following this plan implies working with systems, with processes, since these are the ones that coordinate and connect each of the actions we do, both you as a business owner and your prospects or potential clients to reach the sale in concrete.


Benefits of working with marketing systems.

Although the benefits are many and in part depend on the business model in which you are, a planned and defined marketing system will show you step by step what a potential client does from the moment they enter your business or website until the Sale, even after-sales actions are also part of a marketing plan and marketing systems.

Data analysis and search

A marketing plan is based on the specific data of your market or market niche, you need to know your potential client perfectly, to whom your product or service is directed, otherwise you will be omitting information from the beginning that is crucial for the success of any marketing plan.


A plan without objectives is wasted time, we need to define the general and specific objectives of our marketing actions, these objectives can be many, depending on the stage of your business or its model; It is important here to define clear and precise objectives that do not leave doubts in the direction that your actions should go.


Your objective will determine the resources and tools you need to carry out your marketing system or proposal, from online or even offline components. Many times you will find that you will need to acquire new tools, resources or the necessary training to move your project forward. These actions are closely related to the next point, your marketing budget.

Marketing budget

Every action also involves financial resources, your budget is vital here, how much money you have to allocate to your strategy or marketing system. You will surely need to cover costs for both hours of work or resources and tools. It is true that you can do a lot for free, but this in a certain way is not free, it will cost you hours of your life, which have much more value than money.


The first points prepare us for this step, here we must define each of the actions that we as business owners and our potential clients must carry out, they define starting points, actions to reach a next point, times, etc.

Generally, this point involves most of the work, since you must define part by part the way in which the tools and resources will be used to put together what is necessary to achieve the objective.

Analysis and results metrics

If we do not measure what we are doing, we will never be able to know if we achieved the objectives, if we met the times or in the event that we must produce changes in the process in which exact process we should act to improve these metrics.

The action in marketing is as important as the metric of these actions, even more so when what we are looking for is to scale our business.

Follow-up of clients or subscribers

The last part of the process, so to speak, is the follow-up of the people who made a purchase, this is the most important part and many times it is the most neglected, however you must have heard the phrase “it is easier to sell to a customer than to get new one”

Currently everything is about systems, you can no longer make sales by just placing ads in search engines or advertising on Facebook directing people to sales letters, today more than ever you need your potential customers to know you, trust in you, they can see how you can help them; and in these cases there are the marketing systems and any online or offline marketing plan.

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