Benefits and disadvantages that CAIC insurance offers in the USA?

If your employer purchased coverage from caic insurance, you need to know what their benefits and disadvantages are, because I assure you that if you know these issues you will know how to take advantage of them in the event that you need their services, for example in the event that you accidentally injure yourself, that is why it is so important that you keep reading to know its advantages and disadvantages below:

Caic insurance benefits

Caic insurance It has many benefits when:

  1. You are an employee of the policyholder.
  2. You work for that policyholder full time and are eligible for coverage.
  3. Your dependents are eligible, for example your dependent may be your child or your spouse, but your child will be a dependent as long as he or she is a natural child of you and your spouse.
  4. Your legally adopted child and stepchildren under the age of 26 are also eligible dependents for coverage.
  5. In the event of a fracture as an injury, you will obtain coverage if that injury is treated within 90 days after the accident, because in this case you will be paid the value corresponding to this benefit.
  6. Since caic has a benefits program, if that fracture needs an open reduction, the program benefits you with 200% of the program amount.
  7. In the case of w it is a chip fracture (a part of the bone broken near a joint, you are covered for 25% of the amount of the program.
  8. If it is a dislocation (the separated joint) when diagnosed and treated before 90 days after the incident and it needs an open reduction, it will cover you 200% of the amount of the program.
  9. If it is a partial dislocation because the joint is not totally separated and it is diagnosed and treated, you get 25% of the amount indicated by the program.
  10. When it comes to laceration and it is repaired by a doctor with stitches within a maximum of 72 hours after the accident, the amount to be paid will depend on the duration of that laceration.
  11. If that laceration does not need a suture, they will pay you the amount indicated by the program.
  12. If you suffer a minor concussion in a covered accident, you will receive the amount indicated in the program.
  13. When it is a coma due to a covered accident and you find yourself in this situation for 30 or more days, you will receive the amount indicated by the program as a benefit.
  14. You get coverage for emergency dental work on your natural teeth for an injury resulting from a covered accident, be it repair or extraction.
  15. If you have eye injury problems that require surgical repair, you are covered for the amount indicated in the program.
  16. If your eyes need the extraction of a foreign body with or without anesthesia, you will receive the amount indicated by the program.
  17. If an accident causes you to tear a ligament or tendon and you receive treatment within 60 days and even the surgical repair is performed within 90 days of the accident, you obtain payment of the amount shown by the program, which will depend on whether treats one or more torn and repaired tendons.
  18. If after an accident you suffer from a ruptured disc in the spine and you receive treatment within 60 days of the accident and undergo surgery within the year, you will get a payment in the amount that will depend on when that accident occurred according to the Program.
  19. An accident can cause the cartilage of your knee to rupture, in which case you will require treatment within 60 days of the accident and if you need surgery, it must be carried out within a year and you will get payment according to the date of the accident.
  20. An accident can also cause internal injuries, after which you will receive payment according to what the program shows.
  21. If due to your injury in a covered accident you require exploratory surgery, you will receive the appropriate payment as shown in the program.
  22. If because of the covered accident you suffer from paralysis for more than 90 days and it is diagnosed within 90 days of the accident, you will receive a payment according to the number of limbs affected.
  23. If you suffer burns in the covered accident, you will receive a payment depending on the amount of the surface of your body burned, but these burns must be treated by a doctor within 72 hours of the accident, although you will not get coverage when it comes to first degree burns.
  24. If in the covered accident you lose your sight, foot or hand, you will receive a double payment for that loss according to the benefits program.
  25. If you suffer from post traumatic stress due to the accident, you will receive the payment shown in the benefits program as long as you meet the diagnostic criteria.

Disadvantages of CAIC insurance

As some of its disadvantages you can consider:

  1. You do not get benefits in case of injuries, contributed death or total disability due to war or if you participate in a war or in the armed forces, because in this case the premium is always returned prorated for the period not covered.
  2. You do not get benefits in the case of mental or physical illness or with a degenerative process and the necessary medical treatment for that disease.
  3. If you injure yourself, you won’t get coverage either.
  4. It does not cover injuries caused while driving in a motor vehicle race or doing a speed test or stunt show.
  5. If you ingest narcotics or become intoxicated or participate in an illegal activity or a semi-professional, professional sports activity and you are injured.
  6. Cosmetic surgery or dental treatment that does not result from an accident are not covered.

What is insurance caic uses?

  1. Caic insurance usa is a company that began its activities in 1998, when it obtained the license to incur damages in Texas, since when it begins to offer products to meet the needs of the market on the border between the United States and Mexico.
  2. It has an A- (excellent) rating as an insurer according to the AM Best agency.
  3. Since the insurance company was created, it has maintained its entire administrative team, which shows its stability and company that leads the market and is also recognized for having financial strength.

How much does car insurance cost in the United States?

  1. If you want to know How much does car insurance cost in the United States?, it is possible to make an annual average disagreement with the study carried out by the Value Penguin company, which yielded 941.65 dollars.
  2. But it is a value with a lot of variation according to the state, since that same value can be multiplied by four in the most expensive state in terms of car insurance.
  3. Well, it is very important that the insurer knows the state where you live and based on this it will calculate the insurance premium.
  4. For example, Florida, Michigan and Louisiana are the most expensive states in terms of car insurance cost, since they average between $ 1,596 and $ 1,824 per year.
  5. While the cheapest states are North Calorina, Ohio and North Dakota where auto insurance costs between $ 428 and $ 520 a year.

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