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Banco de México and Banxico, opinions of customer service and services

You know the Bank of MexicoBut you know everything about a bank that offers you many services and you even know something about its history, do you know what it is? Its duties? And of banxico you know how to track a transfer or its rfc?

Well, as a national bank it is important that you obtain complete information like the one you will receive below …

What services does the Bank of Mexico offer?

The Bank of Mexico It has many services to offer you and that you can take advantage of such as:

  1. The coin and banknote service that includes the allegedly counterfeit pieces.
  2. Training in the identification of paper money.
  3. The query on the result of the analysis of retained parts.
  4. The exchange of coins and bills.
  5. The billboard for the visually impaired.
  6. Visits to the banknote factory.
  7. The payment systems service that includes information on digital payment.
  8. The interbank electronic payment system.
  9. The interbank payment system in dollars.
  10. The electronic signature.
  11. El Ubi Banxico ATMs.
  12. The cost of financial services included in the financial services comparer.
  13. The analysis of credit indicators.
  14. The calculator of the total annual cost and the total annual profit.
  15. The interest rate for investment and savings products.
  16. The rate for term investments offered by multiple banks which are the window rates.
  17. Commissions for payment and credit service.
  18. The cultural and educational offer including Banxico educates.
  19. Announcements and contests.
  20. The library of the Bank of Mexico.
  21. Educational credits for postgraduate studies in Mexico and abroad.
  22. The interactive museum of economics.
  23. The copyright Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Banco de México brief history

As of bank of mexico brief history you should know that:

  1. It is the central bank of Mexico known as Banxico was founded as a corporation under decree by President Plutarco Elías Calles on August 25, 1925.
  2. It began to operate under the presidency of Manuel Gómez Morín and the general direction of Alberto Mascareñas Navarro on September 1, 1925.
  3. The Bank of Mexico became an autonomous institution since April 1994 with its main objective of keeping the national currency and the purchasing power of Mexicans stable.
  4. Well, article 28 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States establishes that the state must have a central bank of an autonomous nature in administrative matters and to exercise its functions, therefore it is not a federal public administration or dependency of this tenor.
  5. As of January 2019, the governing board includes Alejandro Díaz de León Castillo and Jonathan Health, Gerardo Esquivel Hernández, Irene Espinosa Castellano and Javier Eduardo Guzmán Calafell as deputy governors.

What is the National Bank of Mexico?

  1. The national bank of mexico headquartered in Mexico City with its acronym Citibanamex is part of Grupo Financiero Banamex, a direct subsidiary of Citicorp Holding and indirectly a subsidiary of Citigroup.
  2. Since it was created in 1884, it has been the first private bank in Mexico, fulfilling the functions of a commercial bank and a state bank.
  3. In 1991, it was acquired by Actions and Securities of Mexico known as Accival, headed by Alfredo Harp and Roberto Hernández Ramírez, and joined Banacci (the financial group Banamex-Accival.
  4. Then Citigroup buys Banacci and merges the subsidiaries of the financial group Citibank with a presence in Mexico, thus forming the financial group Banamex.

Banco de mexico functions and operations

  1. Of bank of mexico functionsThe main one is to take care of the purchasing power of the currency and the health of the financial system.
  2. Operate with foreign legal entities and central banks since it has the power granted by the Bank of Mexico law to carry out securities operations, the granting of credit to the Federal Government, the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings and credit institutions.
  3. Constitute deposits in credit institutions or depositories of foreign or national securities.
  4. Acquire securities issued by international financial organizations and legal entities residing abroad, which are denominated in foreign currency and paid outside the national territory, in addition to being considered first-order by international markets.
  5. Issues bonds of monetary regulation.
  6. It receives deposits from public trusts, institutions for the deposit of securities and from federal public administration entities.
  7. It carries out operations with repo, silver, gold and currencies.
  8. It acts as a fiduciary entity when required by law.
  9. It exchanges cash coins and bills at sight for circulation for others under a different or same denomination.

What is Banxico?

  1. You knowwhat is Banxico?, since it is the banking entity that regulates the issuance and circulation of currency, intermediation, exchange, financial services and payment systems.
  2. It is in charge of operating with credit institutions such as a reserve bank to provide treasury services to the Federal Government and thus can act as a financial agent.
  3. It also fulfills the function of economic and financial advisor to the Federal Government.
  4. It has participation in the IMF (International Monetary Fund and other organizations of an international financial cooperation nature.

What is the rfc of banxico?

You want to know what is the rfc of banxicoWell, it is simply BME821130SXA.

How to track a bank transfer?

1.Do you want to know?how to track a bank transfer?, because first of all you must have at hand the date of operation, the tracking code or the reference number, the names of the issuing bank and the bank receiving the payment, the CLABE corresponding to the beneficiary account and the amount of the operation .

  1. Then with those damages enter to capture the data requested by the system.
  2. You will immediately see the details of the movement but you will only see it for the next 45 days after making the movement.
  3. If you do not see the movement reflected, you must contact the bank noting the date of your claim, the name of the advisor and the follow-up you carry out.

What is the bank interest rate?

You knowwhat is the bank interest rate?, because as a political decision it was cut by 50 basis points to 60%, for which it is estimated that at the end of 2020 the rate will be brought to 4.50%, a rate with an attractive differential even for negative returns.

Banxico oxygen tank

  1. The Banxico oxygen tank refers to the injection of up to $ 750,000,000 to support the financial system and shore up market liquidity and credit.
  2. Well, of that amount of pesos, $ 250,000 will correspond to the granting of credits through bank intermediaries and for SMEs.
  3. To support and facilitate the financing granted by financial groups and development banks, it injects $ 100 million.
  4. If the resources that were originally destined for the previous purposes are exhausted, it will inject the rest, the $ 400 billion for the funding of new requirements.