Audible, the Amazon audiobook store that allows us to generate extra money for recommending their services to everyone

Amazon has revolutionized the way of reading, and it is that it has not only increased reading in people of all ages but has also innovated in the way of marketing books. This is because people have started to buy them more and more online, they also rent them online thanks to an initiative precisely launched by this huge company and now with its audio store called Audible.

There we will find titles of all kinds such as business, romance, fiction, comedy, history, for children, science and technology, among others. This variety is what motivates us to be able to belong to this community that is in full growth and that has had a lot of acceptance.

But its mention in this article has not been to encourage you to read, because it is clear that we will all do that at some point, what has caught our attention is its affiliate system that offers us in some way to take advantage of the great demand for audiobooks and thus be able to earn extra money for recommending from your full membership plan, the trial plan or perhaps you prefer to promote a particular title.

If you have a website or a blog then from now on you can insert the text links as well as the banners that will allow you to send potential customers to the Amazon audio book kiosk, until here the system will deliver a cookie that will be valid for about 60 days, and if the visitor makes their purchase within that period, you will receive your commission.

By recommending the full membership you can earn up to $ 25, by promoting the trial membership you will have about $ 10 in your pocket, and by influencing people to buy titles at retail prices you can get up to 10% of the sales.

This is how we can hang on to the success of Audible in addition to having all the necessary tools to sell yes or yes such as text links, interactive banners, support with tips to sell more, discount coupons for our customers, a page that generates links from affiliates for people to buy from which we will get by entering our publisher ID number plus the audiobook link, among other tools.

It only remains to wish you luck and maybe you can get the profits that culture can also give us.

Visit to Audible by clicking here and enjoy it on your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

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