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Aspects that the internal work regulations of a company must contain

In your company it is essential that you have the internal regulations, it is not necessary that it be very long but it is essential that it be written clearly and is visible to all because all employees must be able to read it easily.

But if you do not know what it is and especially if you want to have an example with you to guide you, then keep reading because everything you will read below will be of great interest to the effectiveness of your business.

How to make the internal work regulations

  1. The internal regulations It is not necessary that it has many pages to be displayed in a visible place in the company.
  2. In the same way, it should not be written in a small font size that few can read, because on the contrary, its visibility and the possibility of reading it should be designed for all workers.
  3. It must contain the most important aspects, leaving aside old articles that are no longer valid because it is unnecessary.
  4. On the contrary, it must include everything necessary, without repeating what is already contained in the labor code, since it does not make sense to transcribe it.
  5. The minimum obligations of the worker do not need to be transcribed because they are those indicated in the labor code.
  6. Therefore, all aspects that do not appear in the labor code and are part of the particularities of the company must be included.
  7. Another aspect that must be included is the working hours imposed by the company with its different workplaces or areas.
  8. The particularities of the company can be, for example, in the case of a laboratory, the prohibition of the use of perfumes or mobile phones according to the work area.
  9. Penalties for late arrival at the workplace must be stated, without interfering with the provisions of the labor code.
  10. The penalty must indicate the right to dismissal for breach of the obligation established by the regulation.
  11. It must establish measures to be taken regarding the fault committed by the worker, evaluating the difference between a minor and a serious offense and, based on this, provide flexibility in the penalty.

Who draws up the internal work regulations?

It is always prepared by the employer, who has the power to modify it without consulting with the workers or consulting with them when a collective agreement has been agreed.

But if the employer modifies it, he has the obligation to communicate these modifications to his workers so that they automatically begin to form part of the employment contract.

Benefits of a company regulation

Establishing a regulation of a company has benefits because:

  1. It is essential from the first moment in which the worker enters the company, receives it and signs it, for which he gives knowledge of all his obligations and regulations established by the company.
  2. In this way, the company and the worker ensure a total development and harmonious operation in terms of the relations between both parties.
  3. The workers are fully aware of their obligations and the discipline established by the company.

What is an internal work regulation of a company?

  1. What is an internal work regulation of a company? Well, if with the previous data you still have doubts, it is a written document where the employer sets out the obligations of the workers and the prohibitions that they must respect during their stay in the company.
  2. It is an important document for the entire company because it regulates the worker’s relationship with the employer. It helps to solve any problem that may arise in the company, because in the absence of a sanction to the worker would be impossible and even the regulation can contemplate aspects that are not contemplated by law. In this way both parties are protected.
  3. The internal labor regulations of a small company contain general norms related to work behavior focused on workers towards the company.
  4. All regulations must be subject to current labor legislation.
  5. Its scope and obligation should apply to all company personnel.
  6. The regulation must be known to all workers so that it can be complied with and can even be published on the company’s website for their wide knowledge and respect.

What does the internal work regulations contain?

The aspects containing the internal work regulations are as follows:

  1. The work schedule so that it is respected by the contracted workers, that is, entry and exit times or the schedule of the various shifts if applicable.
  2. The workers’ lunch break time.
  3. The type of remuneration that workers will receive for their working hours, the day, place and time of the payment of the salary.
  4. The worker must know who he can contact if he needs to make a claim or query.
  5. It must state how it is verified that the company complies with labor and social security regulations.
  6. The regulations must contain the safety, hygiene and prevention standards implemented by the company.
  7. The penalties for workers when committing an offense and what will be the procedure in such cases.

How to make an example internal work regulations?

With a internal work regulations example, is the best way for you to find out with certainty how to develop it for your company including all the necessary aspects:

Article 1.- These internal work regulations are prescribed by the company…. residing in… the city of… The company and all its workers submit to all its provisions. These regulations are part of the employment contracts already signed or that will be signed in the future with the workers.

Article 2.- Whoever appears to apply for a job position must complete the written request to be registered as an applicant for the position, attaching the required documents:….

Article 3.- The company has the right to determine a trial period once an applicant is admitted, with the aim of being appreciated, recognized for his aptitudes and the applicant can evaluate his collusion in the workplace.

Article 4.- Said trial period, which will be stipulated in writing, will not exceed… months and will be terminated unilaterally without prior notice and at any time.

Article 5.- The entry and exit times are as follows:… .with rest hours of…. minutes

Article 6.- Workers have the right to paid rest during holidays… ..

Article 7.- Workers providing services have the right to…. working days of paid vacation, which will be communicated 15 days prior to being granted.

Article 8.- The salary can be freely agreed by the employer and the worker with respect for the minimum salary, agreements, etc.

Article 9.- The employer has the obligation to comply with the safety, health and hygiene measures in the facilities, guaranteeing its workers the resources needed for occupational medicine and preventive medicine.

Article 10.- Workers have the obligation to respect and remain subordinate to their superiors, respecting their colleagues in order to establish a harmonious environment with their own colleagues and superiors, keeping conduct and collaborative spirit to maintain moral and order in the company.




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