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Are You Productive Or Just Have A Busy Day?

Did you know that there is a GIANTESCA difference between having a productive day and having a busy day?

Reality tells me that there are many people who think that their productivity in Network Marketing is optimal, but in the end they end up discovering that their day is gone on tasks that ultimately only kept them busy.

In Network Marketing the only thing that matters is the PRODUCTIVITY, because you will not generate money, nor will your company pay you for the time you dedicate to it.

It only matters what you produce, therefore you should focus on making the most of your time wisely and achieving the best possible productivity.

How has your productivity been today?

how to improve productivity

I am going to share with you a tip that will help you maintain your productivity in Network Marketing. I do it, and it works.

Take a sheet of paper and write the following words on it:

“What have I produced today?”

Then take that paper and put it in a place where you can see it every day, on your computer screen, on the refrigerator door, even in the bathroom. Put it in a place where it won’t get lost and you can read it every day. This is an important part, read it every day and ask yourself this question.

If you really want to last in Network Marketing for a long time, you must achieve the highest possible productivity, because being busy is very different.

Focus on occupying your time in activities that produce income. We are all limited to 24 hours. who has the day.

The question you should ask yourself is:

How are you making the most of your valuable time?

Here are some tips to help you stay on track in a productive way and avoid just having a busy day.

  • If you are in a Network Marketing business, spend all your time prospecting, presenting and training your network.
  • If you have to perform tasks that will keep you “occupied” (For example, write letters for your autoresponder, make a training document for your team, etc.), do it in those times “Dead”, such as being either early in the morning or late at night.
  • Keep track of what you do regularly. Record the number of calls you make, the presentations you make, the messages you send, etc. This will ensure that you stay on course before it is too late to change it.

In Network Marketing, the application of the correct activities, daily, will produce constant results.

Conversely, failure is very simple: the application of the wrong activities and not recognizing that you are doing it in the wrong way, will lead you to produce nothing, zero, only frustration and disappointment.

This industry works, Network Marketing works. However, you will have to work to make it work for you.

Remember … Productivity in Network Marketing is what matters.

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Do you consider yourself to be productive or not? How do you measure your productivity in Network Marketing?

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