Appointments and procedures for passport

There are many procedures that you can do in the consulate of Mexico in Houston, as for example you can manage consular license plates, dual nationality, passport and powers of attorney among others.

But you should know several important questions for you if you need to carry out any procedure such as how you can make an appointment for the passport, how much it costs, how you renew it or if you need information about the consulate on wheels, how it works, where to find it, well Everything you need to know about it you will find below:

Is the consulate of Mexico open in houston?

If you need to carry out a procedure in the consulate of Mexico in houston, you should know that as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, in order to preserve the health of the public and consulate workers and on the recommendation of government authorities, all appointments to manage the issuance of passports were canceled and in general All procedures that the consulate usually offers you were canceled.

However, if the procedure you need to carry out is justifiably considered emergency, the consulate maintains the guard dedicated to the attention of these emergency cases.

Therefore in this situation, the consulate of Mexico in houston tx, has the possibility of offering you electronic resources so that you can obtain information about the health measures that are carried out in the place where you reside.

You will also receive attention when it comes to that urgently you need to submit an application for consular plates or passports and even in the event that you need to do a procedure in a public institution due to medical care, you will also receive attention from the consulate.

At the same time, it is also important that you know about the initiative between the United States and Mexico, from which particular measures were adopted with respect to the protection of bilateral trade to guarantee the economy of both nations.

In this sense, mobility at the border is temporarily reduced without affecting the exchange chains for medicines, medical care, fuel and food, which is considered essential travel.

However, a restriction is applied to non-essential travel such as recreational and tourism, but this restriction does not extend to air travel.

Consulate of mexico in houston mobile

The consulate of mexico in houston mobile or consulate on wheels as it is commonly known, is responsible for bringing all documentation services to your place of residence.

Therefore, if you have a residence in Houston and need to start a procedure such as the marriage certificate, the birth certificate, the application for the voter’s credential, the death certificate, the consular registration or the passport, you can manage the procedure in the consulate of mexico in houston mobile.

For this you need to gather some basic documents such as the original and certified copy of that document, your official photo identification and proof of address when it comes to the voter’s credential and the registration process.

What are the prices for the service of the Consulate General of Mexico in Houston?

When you carry out a procedure in the Consulate General of Mexico in Houston, you need to know the prices of the service. In this sense, depending on that service that the consulate offers you, it will be the price.

For example, you must pay $ 30 for the consular registration service.

You will pay $ 14 if you need a certified copy of the civil registration certificate.

Keep in mind that the consulate on wheels will visit your city from 10 am to 3.30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

Consulate of Mexico in houston phone number 1 713-271-6800

In the event that you need to contact consulate of mexico in houston phone number, you can call +1 713-271-6800.

If you need to go in person because you need to carry out an urgent procedure, you can come to 4506 Caroline St. Houston, TX 77004 and they will attend you every day of the week from 7.15 to 7.45 p.m.

How to make an appointment for a Mexican passport in Houston TX?

You know how to make an appointment for a Mexican passport in Houston TX, because first of all you should consider meeting some requirements such as:

  • You must prove your Mexican nationality with the original and a certified copy of your birth certificate issued by the Office of the Civil Registry of Mexico, the declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.
  • You will also collect the high security consular registration certificate that was issued after 2006 as the Mexican passport issued in Mexico after 1995 or 2006 according to the consulate.
  • You will also accredit your identity with the official identification in force by presenting the national military service card, the voter card with your photograph, the professional card, the high school certificate, the INSEMN or INAPAM credential, the primary or secondary certificate that issues SEP.
  • The permanent or temporary card from the United States, the work permit, the identification corresponding to the Department of Motors and Vehicles of Arizona or any state of the American Union, the credential corresponding to the Mexican Postal Service, the credentials of the ISSFAM, IMSS or ISSTE with photography.
  • When it comes to children under 7 years old, you will need the pediatrician’s letter with a photograph.
  • If this is your case, the letter of naturalization as a Mexican

When you gather the documentation you can complete the procedure online by entering or you can reach us by phone at 1-877-639-4835.

How to renew the Mexican passport in Houston?

You know how to renew the Mexican passport in Houston, because you need the renewal when it expired and for this you must have the expired passport, a photograph, the accreditation of your nationality with the certificate of Mexican nationality, your birth certificate, the naturalization letter, the declaration of Mexican nationality by birth .

Then you will present the passport that you want to renew without observations and if they exist you will correct those observations with the original document of your official identification or the birth certificate.

If it is the renewal of the passport of a minor, you will present the expired passport without observations, the certified copy of the birth certificate and as a parent you will present the current Mexican identification.

Then both parents will appear at the Mexican consulate for authorization with the OP7 permit.

Where will the consulate on wheels be?

You know where will the consulate on wheels be, on February 12 will be in North Houston, Iglesia Amor y Restauración North Campus, 16800 Imperial Valley Dr. Houston.

From February 16 to 26 it will be in Texas City, College of the Minland, 1200N Ambum Rd, Texas City.

How much does a Mexican passport cost in Houston TX?

You know how much does a Mexican passport cost in Houston TX, because depending on the service it will be the price, for example:

  • You will pay $ 36 for passport service 1 year.
  • You will pay 83 dollars for the passport service 3 years.
  • You will pay 113 dollars for the passport service for 6 years.
  • You will pay $ 165 for passport service for 10 years.

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