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Realibit augmented reality for your products

Those who already have a online store They will have realized that it is essential to build trust not only with customer service but also with the presentation of the product itself or by describing the service to be marketed. That is why the use of video promotions is often recommended where the business owner is shown presenting their product but in a personalized way.

Obviously, some prefer the use of videos, others favor good images accompanied by excellent descriptions, there are those who use well-written sales letters, but without a doubt they had never encountered augmented reality, that is why perhaps you are interested in the birth of RealiBit Store, a virtual store that allows us to view the products we offer but in augmented reality, in this way customers can appreciate what the items they are going to purchase are really like without even having to go to the physical store to check it.

augmented reality for your products
The operation of this proposal that undoubtedly helps to improve electronic commerce by providing a great shopping experience is simple, you just have to use the camera of our iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to point at a euro bill and immediately the product It will appear in front of us as if it were really there.

RealiBit Store is designed to view all the products in the catalog from anywhere in the world, and on the other hand, that is, on the issue of social media, we can capture the promotions that we like the most to share them on Twitter with our followers or friends.

However, there is a point that we must take into account, RealiBit Store does not sell the products that you will find published there, it is only a mediator between customers and the companies that offer their products.

It is a new alternative that helps to improve business in a creative way and many already think that this is the future of Internet shopping, you can check it with your business idea for now for free.

Link: RealiBit Store

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