Annual telcel deposit in rate plans

The telcel annual deposit It is a value that you will have seen on your invoice. The company charges it on both corporate and individual lines without distinction.

You may wonder what this concept is, why they charge you and how their collection is justified, since all this is yet to be known below.

Why is the annual telcel deposit charged?

  1. In principle the annual telcel bond The company charges you because it is providing you with a telephone service.
  2. But this concept also charges you as an endorsement even though you are not a delinquent customer and 90 days have not passed from the due date of the invoice.
  3. When you request the service, you will have signed a contract that you should read before signing because its clause 17 indicates the collection of the annual deposit.
  4. As it is an annual deposit, the concept is charged one year from the date the line was activated.
  5. Anyway, because the company indicates that the first year is free, if in that first year you detect the collection of the annual deposit and they collect it again the following year, you have the right to request a refund.

What is the annual TELCEL bond

When you contract a rate plan and sign a service provision contract with telcel requires a telcel annual deposit that works as a guarantee so that you comply with the payment conditions for the services provided by the company, then at that moment you can choose:

  1. The deposit offered by Telcel, in which case you will cover the value of the premium, which is $ 200 with VAT included. It is an annual premium whose charge you will see reflected in your account statement every 12 months until the contractual relationship ends because you canceled the service.

In this case, you will receive an email indicating that you have adhered to the bond offered by the company. The bond will cover all your obligations that you must fulfill according to the contract you have signed.

It is a surety that the company contracts with Surety Guardiana Inbursa SA, which belongs to the Inbursa group and is authorized by the national insurance and surety commission.

  1. You can also hire a bond on your own, but it must meet these requirements:
  2. The surety you hire must be issued by a surety company that is authorized by the insurance and surety law in force and that has an A rating or similar.
  3. The surety company must be authorized and registered with the national insurance and surety commission.
  4. The surety must cover all pending and invoiced items, taking into account a default of more than 60 days.
  5. It must be valid for at least 12 months from the rate plan contract.
  6. Its execution must be effective when required by the company and immediately.
  7. It must be renewable every 12 months, 30 days before the current bond expires, otherwise telcel will automatically adhere to the bond provided by the company and you must cover the value of the annual premium and will have coverage for 12 months .

In any case, telcel will send you an alert 60 days in advance announcing that the deposit is about to expire so that you can update it.

Annual telcel deposit is refundable

  1. The annual deposit that charges you telcel is $ 200, includes the $ 172 + VAT as a guarantee of the line.
  2. This concept is charged by telcel regardless of whether you are a delinquent customer or not.
  3. It is even a concept that extends to all lines regardless of their cost, it can be from the cheapest to the most expensive.
  4. As a user you do not get any benefit for paying the deposit, because if you are a punctual payer, they will not reimburse you.
  5. If you decide not to pay the deposit because you are a user with punctual payments, your line may be suspended and you will also be affecting your credit history because that non-payment is recorded in the credit bureau.

Annual deposit telcel profeco

If you detect that due to the annual deposit, the charge is excessive, handle yourself in this way:

  1. Send your complaint to Concilianet de Profeco, registering on their website with your IFE and the invoices as proof of this excessive charge.
  2. Your complaint will be studied and verified.
  3. Your complaint may proceed if that study and verification is in your favor.
  4. In this way they will summon you to a virtual audience in which a telcel representative will attend you.
  5. On the date of the appointment, connect with the Concilianet website at least 10 minutes in advance so that when you connect you will find the provider and the conciliator.
  6. You will start the conversation with the conciliator.
  7. Show him the documents you sent when you filed your complaint and the response you obtained, since it is assumed that first of all you will have made your claim before telcel and the company refused to accept that claim.
  8. The provider will surely argue that the contract indicates that you must pay all the extra expenses generated.
  9. However, you can argue that when contracting the service by telephone you do not have any document that indicates that charge and that you do not refuse to pay the fair price for your plan.
  10. You will continue talking with the provider who will offer you a percentage of money back for the improper charge.
  11. You must think about whether or not to accept that return percentage.
  12. In fact, the conciliator will ask the provider the date of the reimbursement and the way in which that percentage will be reimbursed so that you can make a good decision according to your convenience.
  13. If you accept that refund, they will tell you how long it will take to receive it on your card.
  14. The best thing for you is that you accept that percentage, but you will decide, since otherwise you may think that you will lose that money.
  15. If you accept, the conciliator, who belongs to Profeco, will tell you to wait online while the minutes are prepared with the transcription of all the conversation you have had with the provider and will re-quote you for a new audience in order to make sure that The return of what you have agreed to was fulfilled as promised by the provider.

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