Analyze trends on Twitter by tracking the most popular tweets

Topsy Free Analytics

Twitter has already become a business tool, is a network that is essential for the development of companies either through promotion thanks to its microblogging system and also, in this case, an application called Topsy Free Analytics in charge of monitoring the most outstanding trends on said social platform.

With this program we will be able to investigate which topics on Twitter are the most talked about and which could be useful to launch new products or to share certain content with the right people for promotion or sales generation purposes.Analyze-the-trends-on-Twitter

Topsy Free Analytics has an intuitive panel where we can search for the most popular public tweets and their respective retweets, as well as links on different pages of the web, through the use of up to 3 keywords that can include hashtags, domains and user names.

What this program will do is track the most relevant messages related to said keywords, showing us a page with the respective results: relevant messages or tweets from valid accounts and pages, thus guaranteeing us security against spam, all through time parameters ranging from 24 hours to a month ago.

However, you will also find a Pro version where there are more advanced configuration options for more specific results and that allow you to rate tweets as positive or negative, among other advantages.

There are many tools like this on the web, however this seems one of the simplest and easiest to use. You can use Topsy Free Analytics to improve your business by doing click here.

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