Affiliate marketing model, the best option to start generating income online

There are many tools to generate income online, but as you may have already read in one of the previous posts, one of the main tools to make changes in our lives is TRAINING.

Now, when we start online we are facing not only a new world, but also a world of very wide possibilities, where the questions that generally come to mind is How to earn money? Where do I start? We know that we have to train ourselves, we rationally accept it, but a question is once again in our headsTrain us in what?


Affiliate Marketing Model, one option among many.

For people who already have a knowledge or a skill that they already develop in a job or on their own it is not very different, at first glance they have the advantage of knowing a profession, which if they decide they can also develop online, but this It does not mean that it is much easier for them than for people who have not yet defined a profession or a passion that guided their efforts.

The affiliate marketing model is precisely for people who want to start generating income online, but still do not define exactly the path they want to take, affiliate marketing offers them the possibility of accessing products or even services, which can promote and in exchange for them earn a commission that ranges between 50% and 70%, which to begin with is not bad at all.

There are entrepreneurs who only base their online income on the affiliate marketing business model, possibly if you have been around online for some time, you are already subscribed to some of their mailing lists and you have received from them some product recommendations or services.

Personally, I do not base only my income on the affiliate marketing model, one of the first things you need to learn when you enter online business is that you must diversify your income channels, even before I told you that there were entrepreneurs who only generated income alone with affiliate marketing, but these entrepreneurs are not only in one market niche, but you can find them diversified in different market niches.

There are different business models that you can venture into, at first you can start with one, but as you progress you will have ideas that you can apply to generate greater income and help more people as well.

Remember, in the first instance, a business that does not have as its main focus helping people solve problems is unlikely to be successful, income is a result of this and not just from working to earn money and nothing else.

Affiliate Marketing, 4 tips that will position you above other affiliates.

– Add value, don’t just sell

We all know that to live we need income with which to pay our sustenance, therefore we know that we have to buy too, now, nobody likes that they only sell us and nothing else, we need to know, know other things about what we want to buy so that we can use them properly.

The only way to be able to sell is to be really interested in the problem that the other person has and to do this not only try to sell them, if you have in your hands a product or a service that you represent, you need to add value to people, that they know about your product, your services, how they can help them, what problem it solves, in what specific way it can be adapted to each particular case; Only then will you be able to sell ethically and fairly.

What does ethics have to do with selling? Everything, if we have a service or a product and we know exactly that this product cannot help the person in front of us, then we have to have enough ethics to withdraw or look for another option, which we know is ideal for them. .

– Find your unique selling angle

This is similar to saying that you use or look for a unique sales proposal for your product or service, for example we know that online there are people who are offering the same product many times, but this does not mean that you cannot sell too, already that people identify in two ways with a person, with the way he does it and with his why or why he does it.

Anyone can sell from their unique way of being, this is offering something that other people do not have, since each person is unique. Our task is then to find that way to help people, to give our personal angle, to get involved; For example, many people seek to sell something by offering other incentive bonuses, even bonuses that are not even theirs, so they are not authorized to do so (ethics) but you can add to your product what you know, your assistance, your advice if you already have the knowledge to do it, etc.

– Works with systems

This is one of the secrets of those who sell the most, you will even see that it is applied by all the big companies, from Mercado libre, Amazon and Ebay; this is offering other products behind the main product.

Working with systems allows you to program a series of steps that your potential clients have to take until they become your clients and in the process offer them other products that are related to the one they were seeing first.

– Use various broadcast channels

This point is also essential, the secret of the sale is that people know what you have, therefore you need to expose yourself or your product in as many places as possible, from social networks, video platforms, podcast, slides, hangouts, etc, etc.

– Be consistent

Although this point is the fifth and in the title put 4 tips, the reality is that without having the constancy none of the above will work for you, if you are not constant in your publications, in the work you are doing, then the results they will be very sporadic if they exist. All work that produces results is obtained only after a lot of perseverance, we all need it, but when it seems that there are no results, rest assured that if you continue, sooner or later the results will appear.

I can assure you that if you follow these four or five principles you can achieve very good results in affiliate marketing, I also started in this business model years ago, I investigated, bought courses and thanks to them I am still online today; I started with courses like elite affiliates, Gus Sevilla’s secret sharpening, etc.

My recommendation refers to people who have been on this topic for years, if you want to know a little more about the advantages of working in the affiliate marketing business model, I recommend that you visit the program “Your First Web Business”, they can take you from zero until you generate the income you want.

Generating income online is not something impossible, millions of dollars are moving online daily, the theme here is to learn and apply actions so that we become capable of generating income as well. The models to do so are many, affiliates, consultancies, adsense, dropshiping, etc. My best recommendation is that you choose a model and focus only on it, do not leave it until you achieve results, then you will be able to replicate the same in other markets.

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If what you read seems useful to you, I invite you to share it, a cordial greetings and the best of successes in your life in general.

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