Advantages and disadvantages of ACE Seguros Auto Insurance

ACE insurance It has advantages and disadvantages that you should know before deciding to buy your policy, you will learn about all this below.

But do you know that since the national insurance and surety commission authorized the merger of chubb México and aba insurances, ACE changed its name to chubb insurances México?

In this way, it is an insurance company with a presence in 54 countries with civil liability, property, personal, commercial, and personal accident insurance.

It is also an insurance company distinguished by the amount of services and products it offers and by its technicians with knowledge in local operations management and claims, but …

What is the scope of ACE insurance

Like any insurance company ace insurance It has limitations and scope. Next you will know what its scope is :, that is to say to whom it pays attention:

  1. It reaches out to small, medium and multinational companies offering them civil liability and property insurance,
  2. People who need to purchase life, personal accident, automobile, supplemental life, and property insurance.
  3. High net worth individuals who need protection of their important assets.
  4. Companies that provide their employees and members, accident insurance.
  5. Insurers that deal with risk management based on reinsurance coverage.

Advantages of ACE insurance

You already know what the scope of ace insurance is and if it can offer you its products or services, now you will know what its advantages are:

  1. In the event that you need to make a claim or request assistance, you have the phone number for claims at the front of your policy and they will always be the same so that you can communicate quickly.
  2. Since when you cross the border of Mexico, when you have insurance from the United States, you lack legal support as a sign of financial responsibility in Mexican territory, when you have Mexican insurance, you can show the authorities that you have the ability to pay for damages to third parties including physical damage to the vehicle, medical payment for the passengers and the driver, for total theft of the car, bail, legal assistance in addition to assistance in the middle of the canine.
  3. Thanks to the policies of Chubb Premium and HDI Premier, you get coverage for partial theft of your car, that is, for the theft of parts of your vehicle including vandalism.
  4. Vehicle insurance extends to vans, cars, motorcycles, trailers, towed vehicles, motorhomes, quadricycles and boats as well as vessels with civil liability while on the water, vans and buses.

Disadvantages ACE insurance

In the same way that you can find several advantages and scopes of ace insurance, it also has disadvantages and limits such as:

  1. There is no scope for rental vehicles in Mexico.
  2. If the age of your vehicle exceeds 20 years and you want a total coverage, you should contact the insurance company to obtain information and approval.
  3. In the same way, if you want full coverage for your motorhome and it is older than 20 years, you should also contact the insurance company to obtain information and approval.
  4. Each of the policies has a maximum towing limit.
  5. Car rental can be covered in certain circumstances, because if the car is from Mexico, having Mexican plates cannot be covered and if it is from the United States it will depend on the policies that the rental agency has implemented, since they could offer Mexican insurance and therefore it is not possible to issue a policy for your vehicle, but if it does not offer it, it is possible to offer coverage if you have the agency’s permission to take the car to Mexico.
  6. Vehicle coverage does not extend to impassable roads unless it is a dirt road considered municipal.

Ace insurance Mexico insurance

Ace insurance México insurance is an insurance company that has a presence in Latin America including Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. It was established in Mexico in 1999, after which it began offering insurance and coinsurance products including personal insurance, with financial, health, life, accident, civil liability and property damage lines.

It also merges with Chubb at the end of 2017, a company dating from 1882 whose beginnings were oriented to the insurance of ships and their cargoes, but today operating in 54 countries, it extends its insurance to people and businesses, without neglecting which is a subsidiary of Chubb Corporation.

This merger does not modify at all the active policy that you may have with Ace, as it only indicates the change in the brand but there are no changes in the coverage.

Ace insurance customer service

You can contact ace Seguros customer service at (52 1 55) 5258 5800 or go to the headquarters in Mexico City: Av. Paseo de la Reforma 250 Torre Niza, 15th floor, Colonia Juárez, Cuauhtémoc Delegation, CP. 06600, Mexico City.

Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

However, if you are a customer and you want quick service:

  1. You can call 01800-223-2001 by phone.
  2. You can also communicate by email to [email protected]
  3. In the event that you want to report a claim, call 01 800 911-2639 if you have contracted a policy with American Express for disability, life, or cancer diagnosis or hospitalization.
  4. If you have a life products policy, report the claim to 01 800 223 43-57.
  5. If your policy is for general bicycle accounts, report it to 01 800 36 27 288.
  6. If your policy is for personal accidents with direct payment, do not report it to 01 800 223 7832.
  7. If your policy is for major medical expenses with direct vitamin payment, report it to 01 800 223 22 73.
  8. If you have a travel insurance policy, you can report the claim to 01 800 228 7283.

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