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AdLemons, earn money with your blog thanks to the natural segmentation of your page

When we have the idea of monetize a blog we always come up with the pay per click as the best possibility of getting a return for the effort we make every day trying to update it, however, that is not the only way to get benefits, having a great diversity of alternatives that could record more reports.

And this is precisely the case of AdLemons, a platform that allows you to earn money with a blog but thanks to the method of selling advertising space. This system consists of offering the highest bidder a space anywhere on our site so that they can place their banner promoting something in particular, all in exchange for a monthly payment as it should be.


So with this new program you can get sponsors willing to advertise on your website as long as you meet the minimum requirements so that they can accept you, for example the subject has to be specific in addition to generating commercial interest, if you are dedicating yourself to blogging professionally a lot better, and if you are just starting there is no problem since they also accept small blogs but with a minimum of quality and that are updated at least once a month.

It should be said that the validation process of your blog will be both manually to identify that your site does not go against company policies, and automatically whose function is to identify if you already have the code that you will be asked to install. In order to verify that it is your blog and so that its system always tracks you so that you can receive campaigns from those interested in your space, keep track of statistics, etc.

We also have to recommend that you be a little patient as this process may take a few days, but it is definitely worth it. Other advantages that we can enjoy are: we will have full control of the type of advertising that is going to be displayed on our blog, if we simply do not agree with something, the banner is simply removed, and as for the price, it will also be us those that we set according to the reality of our site. And if that were not enough, it is compatible with any other advertising platform so the chances of earning more are assured, we would only have to verify if the other companies accept that we place ads from this innovative platform.

As you will see, there are currently many people, companies, marketers, etc., who are very interested in being able to appear on blogs and this due to the natural segmentation that they have, which in business terms means more sales.

So if you have a blog developed under a well-defined theme then this is the opportunity you were waiting for. In order for you to obtain your income you must exceed 100 euros and you can collect them via PayPal.