Activity license and opening license

Licenses and permits: When you open a business in the United States you need to obtain certain Licenses and permits that are mandatory, but do you know exactly what each of these requirements are?

You are going to read it below so that you understand the importance of staying within what is required by the law of the jurisdiction where you conform your business.

What is the Activity License? (Activity license)

Between the Licenses and permits, the activity license is the one you need when you are developing any company regardless of its structure, because you can be a professional who therefore develops your profession, you can establish a structure for your company as a limited liability company or simply as a sole proprietor.

In fact, any of these structures imply that you provide services or sell products either in a physical location or online and therefore you must obtain it.

For example in the case of activities that have to do with scientific research, education, aquaculture, the use of gears for research purposes, the use of marine chemicals, the use of dredgers to collect marine organisms and the release of marine organisms, require the license issued by the Marine Special Activity Licensing Program or SAL.

Keep in mind that if you think open a business Online you must handle yourself in the same way as if you established a physical business, since all the requirements will be the same.

On the other hand, you must comply with the requirements that are requested as state licenses of the state where you based your web business regardless of whether you sell to clients from other states.

In the same way, if you establish your home business, it must also meet all the requirements that apply for an online business or for a business with a physical location outside your home.

The annual activity license is required for a business whose gross income for the fiscal year is between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000.

Therefore, if your company does not reach $ 3000 in gross annual income, you can obtain the minimum activity license by paying the corresponding fee, even if it is not necessary.

However, depending on each state, such as Tennessee, it takes into account the payment of taxes on the activities depending on which is the main one.

Its code defines the main activity as the one that is the main source of income, which means that a company pays the business taxes according to the source of profit.

In general, you will need the license if as a company you obtain benefits even being a real estate investor with one or more properties, as you qualify as a business.

How to obtain the Opening license

Among the Licenses and permits, when you open a business you must obtain the opening license, as it is the only way for your business to start operating legally.

The federal license

The federal license is required of companies that are dedicated to the sale of firearms or alcohol, because if you are engaged in this type of sale you will need the federal permit or license.

However, each state has specific requirements for companies to meet, so you should find out in your state what they are before opening your business.

For example, if your business has to do with activities regulated by a federal agency, such as commercial fishing, the sale of alcoholic beverages or firearms, among other items, you may need federal permission.

USD: USD is the United States Department of Agriculture and the entity in charge of granting you the permit in the event that your business has to do with the importation or transportation of animals, animal products, biological products or biotechnology products across state borders.

Alcoholic drinks:

If your business is engaged in the manufacture, wholesale, import or retail sale of alcoholic beverages in a place of sale, you must register your business and obtain federal permits for tax purposes and for the payment of Tax on alcohol at the Office of Commerce.

If you are starting your business you will get information on the official site of the TTB, because on the site you will find all the tools to follow an easy process.

In turn, you will need to contact the Alcoholic Beverages Control Board of your locality to obtain the alcohol business permit.


In the event that your business is dedicated to the operation of aircraft, the transport of goods or people by air or the maintenance of aircraft, you must request at least one or more of the following certificates:

Aircraft mechanic license, pilot license with training and licensing requirements and certificates Armed forces.


If your company deals, manufactures or imports firearms, ammunition and explosives, it must comply with the licensing requirements established by the Arms Control Law, which is administered by the Office of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Wild life:

If your company is engaged in any activity that is related to wildlife, including the importation and exhortation of wildlife derivatives, you must obtain the corresponding permit from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Commercial fishing:

If you open a commercial fishing business, you must obtain a fishing license from Fisheries Service.

Marine transport:

If your company provides maritime transport or facilitates the shipment of cargo by sea, you will need to obtain a license from the Federal Maritime Commission.

Mining and drilling:

If your business is involved in drilling for oil, natural gas, or other natural resources on federal lands, you may need a drilling permit issued by the Office of Safety and Environmental Control.

Radio and television:

If your company transmits information by television, radio, satellite cable or cable, you may need a license issued by the Federal Communications Commission, FCC.

The truth is that all companies have the obligation to obtain some type of Licenses and permits to operate legally although the requirements are variable depending on the type of business and where it is located and according to the rules of the state government.